Selling The OC Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland Reveals What His Wife Brittany Snow Thought About Selling The OC

Selling The OC star Tyler Stanaland is finally opening up about his wife’s thoughts on the new Netflix series. Tyler married actress Brittany Snow in 2020 and the two have been pretty low-profile. Although she is not featured in the series, she’s sharing her initial thoughts.

Tyler, who was the center of drama along with co-star Kayla Cardona during the second half of the season told Us Weekly that his wife’s thoughts were similar to everyone else’s who watched the show. “She watched it. I mean she thought — like everybody else did — it’s entertaining. It’s a lot, but it’s good,” he said.

In an earlier interview, Tyler mentioned that he did the show solely for himself and due to that, we wouldn’t be seeing Brittany on the show — at least this season. He shared that the two enjoy keeping their “personal lives separate.” He added, “… that was kind of decision that we made long ago, and this was something that I did for myself and I kind of just wanted to keep it that way.” It’s interesting to hear Tyler sharing Brittany’s thoughts for her instead of her speaking for herself. I’m curious to hear how she really felt during filming when the initial bomb dropped that Kayla tried to kiss Tyler during one of their outings.

Tyler shared that Brittany’s reaction to the “almost kiss” between the two cast members is something he would keep between him and his wife but he added that it didn’t impact their union in any way. “It’s something that in marriage — you have to have trust, especially in this space and especially hers. It’s something that we are fortunate to have,” he said.


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I still wish that we actually got to see the moment between Tyler and Kayla play out because I think the conversation surrounding this moment would be totally different from a viewer’s perspective. Kayla took a lot of heat from the female cast members after this news broke, and after this, Tyler faded back into the background. However, he was very adamant that the behavior Kayla displayed during this unseen moment was totally different than the behavior Alex Hall displayed while they were all on the beach.


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If Selling The OC gets a second season, we’ll have to wait and see (and keep our fingers crossed) that this conversation comes up again because I still feel it’s unfinished. Especially now with more and more info coming out.


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