Michael Bruner Wishes He’d Handled The Information Regarding Kyle Capener Better Inside The Big Brother House

This season of Big Brother has been one for the books. With the blindsides, players beasting through competitions and so much more — this year feels like classic Big Brother.

After last week’s double eviction showdown, Matt Turner — who won Head of Household — sent Michael Bruner packing out the door by a unanimous vote. Clearly a little thrown off, Michael made waves during his exit by throwing his number one ally and bestie, Brittany Hoopes under the bus.

But before doing that, Michael’s fate in the house may have been sealed. Before this past week, Kyle Capener was sent out of the house due to some problematic behavior that rubbed the entire house the wrong way. After insinuating that the minorities in the house were working together and possibly forming a second coming of the wildly successful cookout alliance, Michael and Brittany took the information, ran it back to the house, and in turn made Kyle public enemy number one.

After thinking about the way this played out, a lot of the Houseguests, including jury members and former players, were a little disturbed at Michael’s “why” in divulging this information. Because the conversation was such a serious topic revolving around race — it appeared that Michael used a sensitive topic to his advantage merely as gameplay and not out of genuine care and concern.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michael shared, “Hearing from some of the other players in the game how they wish I had handled the situation, I do wish I had handled it differently.” He continued, “Looking back on it, I had the information that I had, and to be honest, I didn’t know exactly how to go about it. And I tried to take in all the information that I could. I tried to make the decision that seemed the best at the time.”

We know that life inside the BB house can be tense. Players are tasked with trying to manipulate each other with information so that they can win $750,000. And with that amount of money on the line, some of the houseguests are almost willing to do anything in order to win. Michael added, “… I understand if people were skeptical or think that it was opportunistic for when I revealed the information. I felt like no matter when the information came into the game, people were gonna be skeptical, so I tried to do the best that I could and let people know the information when I felt that the time was right. And the time felt right at that point. And it hadn’t prior.”


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