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NeNe Leake’s Speaks Out After Son Brentt Leakes’ Stroke

NeNe Leakes’ last few years have been nothing short but challenging. After getting pushed out of the Real Housewives of Atlanta friend circle and fighting back and forth with her former bestie Andy Cohen on and off social media, she also suffered the loss of her late husband Gregg Leakes due to his battle with colon cancer. Fans were given an up close and personal look at NeNe and Gregg’s journey once he was diagnosed. It was heartbreaking to watch him, typically known for his fun spirit, going through such a hard time. But even through that, Gregg remained positive and hopeful and that’s why he was so loved among the viewers.

Sadly, that hasn’t been all. NeNe recently shared that her son Brentt Leakes had a stroke and congestive heart failure. NeNe revealed all of this in a video saying, “Two weeks ago today, Brentt had congested heart failure and a stroke. He’s only 23, so he’s really young for something like that to happen to him.”

NeNe said the doctors have tossed a couple of thoughts out there about the cause of the stroke such as drug use or COVID but the former RHOA star confirmed her son “doesn’t drink or do drugs” and he also tested negative for substances. They also considered COVID being a factor but NeNe says she doesn’t know of a time that Brentt ever had the virus. “We are still trying to figure it out, because if we knew the cause then obviously they could treat the cause,” she said.

Page Six also reported that the doctors helping NeNe’s son have ruled out the fact Brentt was under “a lot of stress” in September since it was the one-year anniversary of his father Gregg’s death. “This is something else that we’re dealing with that the doctors don’t even know yet,” she added. She’s shared her son is struggling with speaking before asking fans to keep them in their prayers. She adds lastly that Brentt FaceTimes her Monday morning in “good spirits” but they are both “shocked, just shocked.”

I am always rooting for NeNe. Always. I think there is no other Housewife past, present, or future that will compete with her on a reality tv level. As Beyoncé said in her latest album Renaissance, NeNe is “one of one, number one, the only one.” That’s not to take away from the other wonderful Housewives from cities before and after her — they are very much important to the success of the Real Housewives. But NeNe is and will always be that girl. I can’t wait to see her make her reality tv debut when she’s ready to. I know she’s not out of the game forever — she’ll be back.


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