Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Details Alleged Sexual Abuse At Boarding School When She Was A Teenager

Kathy Hilton is the main topic of conversation on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills these days. Sometimes, watching Kathy act goofy or clap back at Lisa Rinna makes me forget that she’s Paris Hilton’s literal mom. The Hiltons are almost too wealthy and powerful for me to fully wrap my head around, and this is just one example.

The wildest part about the Hilton family to me is Paris‘ harrowing story. In the 2000s, we all watched Paris in the tabloids partying and being a self-proclaimed wild child. What we didn’t know until recent years is that she was the victim of abuse at a boarding school when she was a teen. Kathy and Rick Hilton were at their wit’s end with Paris’ rebellion and didn’t know how to help their daughter. They ended up sending her to Provo Canyon School in Utah when she was 16, and the experience was traumatizing for Paris. She didn’t speak out about her experience until her 2020 documentary. Since then, she’s become an outspoken advocate for change in the “troubled teen” industry.

In a recent New York Times article, Paris spoke out even more about the abuse she experienced at Provo. She specifically spoke about recognizing that she “definitely” experienced sexual abuse (via Page Six). Paris alleges that staff members, not professional doctors, would perform cervical exams on her and other students. “Very late at night, this would be around like 3 or 4 in the morning, they would take myself and other girls in this room and perform medical exams,” Paris explained. Absolutely horrific.

Paris still doesn’t understand the reason for the exams as an adult. It was ultimately a scary experience she blocked out for years. “It’s coming back all the time now,” Paris added. “It was a couple of different staff members who would have us lay on the table and put their fingers inside of us.” Paris is so brave for sharing her story and helping to prevent the same kinds of abuse from happening to other young people being sent to these facilities. Her life is truly unlike no one else’s, and I only want the best for adult Paris as she heals from her past and works to be better. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]