Lisa Rinna

American Institute For Cancer Research Slams Lisa Rinna For Her RHOBH Finale Comments

Finally — Lisa Rinna is getting the pushback she deserves. I mean, watching this season has been kinda refreshing knowing that Rinna has given more “friend-of” vibes than full-time diamond holder — but either way, it would appear the ladies are taking her crap anymore and neither is The American Institute for Cancer Research.

Yep. They slammed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star recently after claiming she used “the specter of cancer as emotional blackmail to justify airing her grievances.”

Oof, Rinna. This doesn’t look too good. At all. Some may recall Lisa saying during the season 12 finale episode she would “get sick and get cancer” if she didn’t mention it all about Kathy Hilton’s alleged breakdown in Aspen. Uhh, okay. Let’s just be real Lisa and say that you were pretty bored (and boring) and this opportunity to milk something out for the entire off-season and the last 4 episodes of this season was the perfect way for you to be at the center of the show’s biggest scandal.

A spokesperson from the AICR said that Rinna was coopting the disease to justify “emotional blackmail.” Sounds about right. She’s playing the victim here so that she can make Kathy look like this terrible monster in front of the world as if she hasn’t accused people of doing hardcore drugs, smashed a glass on a table potentially endangering others, and tried to choke someone. And as Kathy says at the RHOBH reunion, “The list can go on and on.”

The AICR also noted that there is “no strong evidence to support stress being the cause of cancer” and that Lisa has “taken a popular (but likely false) concept” and repeated it for millions of viewers.

This alleged meltdown from Kathy that only Lisa was there to witness is still so minor to me I don’t even understand how this became part of the show’s storyline. All of this was enough to give Rinna the first seat at the reunion?

Kathy having a meltdown and supposedly displaying diva behavior is not surprising at all. She’s a Hilton. And that’s not shade — just facts. I mean, all of these Housewives are divas in their own way. Dorit Kemsley said she doesn’t do repeat purchases, Erika Jayne (used to) spends tens of thousands of dollars on glam a MONTH, and Garcelle Beauvais couldn’t even take her own luggage down the stairs when they went on their cast trip last season.

The allegations of Kathy being upset because no one wanted to do a conga line (or play Michael Jackson) is not a shocker. To anyone. Hopefully next season — well, if there is a next season for Rinna — she comes back refreshed and ready to give us the light-hearted Housewives drama we know and love.


[Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for MTV]