Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein Responds To Lenny Hochstein’s Claim That She’s Been Romantically Involved With Two Different Men

As each day passes, I get even more stunned by Dr. Lenny Hochstein’s bogus behavior toward his wife. Not only at home and in front of the Real Housewives of Miami cameras but in the press as well.

Now that RHOM Season 5 has officially started airing on Peacock, Lenny has been on a campaign. Not only has he been out frolicking around with his much younger girlfriend, but it seems like he’s giving her the ammunition to really make Lisa’s experience in their messy divorce even harder.

Recently, Lenny filed court documents that claim Lisa had been romantically involved with two other men while at their Halloween party. They read, “Not only did [Lisa] invite over 100 guests of her own choosing to the party, [Lisa] also invited at least two male guests who [Lisa] has been romantically involved with during the pendency of this dissolution proceeding, if not earlier.”

Even if she was… so what? Was Lenny concerned about the legitimacy of his union when he was connecting with Katharina Mazepa? Or dancing and partying out at nightclubs, knowing he was married with children at home? Get real here, Doc.

Lisa responded to Lenny’s lies claims on Page Six’s podcast, Virtual Reali-Tea. “So there is no truth to that whatsoever,” she stated. “Honestly, even if I was dating, that’s my own private business,” Lisa continued. And I agree! You’ve dragged her all over social media, cut her off, boasted about your plans to leave her in this disgusting hot-mic moment, and so many other terrible things.

“Like, why would somebody that left me for someone else even comment on something like that after months later when he’s fully in a relationship?”

Now that the mother of two has had some time to sit with the divorce news, Lisa is committed to moving forward. But thanks to dirtball Lenny, he’s making that a little challenging.

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“It’s unbelievable to me that he just won’t stop talking to the press. It didn’t need to go this far, but he’s been talking since day one,” Lisa stated. “I have been very quiet, you know, and I am almost forced to address these things on the show because he did it himself. He went to the press and now it’s public.”

Even though the RHOM star has been battling one of the most challenging years yet, Lisa is starting to regain her groove. As far as seeing this Miami Housewife with any new lovers soon, it sounds like she’s keeping her options open.

She said, “Like, you know, of course, I have friends. I meet people. I’m, you know, I’m not dead. Like, it’s been seven months [since the breakup.] But, you know, there’s no, like, serious relationship on the horizon. I’m just trying to live my life and have fun,” Lisa finished.

And I’m here for it. Live your life, Lisa— as you should. Fans of the Real Housewives of Miami have seen Lenny for who he really is throughout this entire situation. Viewers knew it. Lisa’s co-stars knew it. Everyone knew it. And although watching her go through this will be challenging, we all know there’s beauty on the other side.


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