Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya

Bachelorette Michelle Young Shades Ex Nayte Olukoya 6 Months After Split

Apparently Michelle Young hung onto the thorns after the petals fell off the rose. She recently used one of them to playfully jab at her ex Nayte Olukoya, when he took part in a cute TikTok video with some Bachelor Nation pals.

Season 17 Bachelorette alum Andrew Spencer (LOVE him! Why is he still single?!) recruited a few of his beach buddies from Bachelor in Paradise for the cute video showing off their dance moves. US Weekly reported that Justin Glaze, Rodney Matthews and Romeo Alexander were all filmed doing the same dance trend, along with Michelle’s former fiancé Nayte. Andrew teased in the caption, “Romeo understood the assignment,” when the Data Scientist put a little more energy into his dance.

Michelle responded in the video’s comments section, “1, 2, 3, and 5 left no crumbs [fire emoji],” referring to the order in which the men appeared in the video. She noticeably omitted Nayte from her critique.

Andrew reacted to the shady comment with two wide-eyed emojis and an open mouth. When a fan pointed out Michelle’s comment, Nayte just laughed it off with, “Aye yo [with three laughing/crying emojis].”

Michelle and Nayte met and fell in love on Season 18 of The Bachelorette. They got engaged during the season finale, which aired in December 2021, but split six months later.  They apparently broke up over the phone amid allegations that Nayte was cheating.

“I’m struggling to say that Nayte and I will be going our separate ways, but I stand with him in knowing the heaviness that is present in both our hearts as this relationship has been very real for us,” the elementary teacher posted to her Instagram Story at the time. “To you, Nayte, you quickly became my best friend, and the love I have for you is incredibly strong. I will never stop wanting to see you succeed.”

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Nayte also posted his own social media statement at the time, “Michelle and I are going to move forward separately. Hearts are heavy, emotions are high, and we are dealing with this the best way we can. When we both started this journey, we were looking for our soulmates. Our forever. Our best friends.”

The Texas sales executive concluded, “Sometimes somebody that you hold dear to your heart isn’t somebody you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with.” Truer words were never spoken.

Three months later Nayte spilled some more tea in an interview on Bachelor legend Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files. “Our relationship was tough. There’s lots of ups and downs, lots of arguments, lots of fights, and just not really clicking, not really seeing eye to eye,” he said. Nayte admitted to missing the Michelle he “fell in love with” on The Bachelorette. “Don’t get me wrong, we had amazing moments in between rockiness, but it was rocky.”

For her part, the former Bachelorette has remained relatively quiet on the subject of their split, saying, “I come from a family that’s very private, we’re not used to being in the public eye and especially not [used to] going through a public breakup,”

Saying she just wants “closure,” Michelle added, “I know how things went down. I know the other person knows what went down, and I can stay true to myself, and really that’s all that I can do . . .  [I just want to] really, truly block out all the noise,” she added.

And all the dancing TikTok videos of her ex. If he really did cheat on her, I understand her not wanting to see his face ever again.


[Photo Credit: David Livingston/FilmMagic]