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Below Deck Star Camille Lamb Claps Back At Captain Lee Rosbach; Tells Him To “Get Real”

Calls are growing for deck/stew Camille Lamb to vacate the yacht. The Below Deck cast member is such a terror to work with that both bosun Ross McHarg and chief stew Fraser Olender would rather function with one less set of hands than have Camille on their teams.

Camille brings an abrasive and self-entitled energy to the workplace. She comes off entitled, delicate, deflecting, and completely delusional as to her importance in the scheme of things. She has little work ethic, and cannot maturely function with second stew Alissa Humber. The truth is, Camille is expendable, and based on last week’s episode, potentially on the way out.

But before any drastic decisions are taken by interim boss Captain Sandy Yawn on the show, Camille decided to take to social media to mouth off once again. It was Captain Lee Rosbach on the receiving end, though. Captain Lee took medical leave from the show, just as things started spiraling with the interior department and is apparently viewing the episodes with a mix of shock and distaste.

According to, Lee tweeted, “Of all the things you’ve lost Camille, you miss your mind the most. Your behavior, from what I’m seeing is not at all what I would expect nor tolerate.”

Fans also asked Captain Lee to respond to Camille’s make-out sesh with deckhand Ben Willoughby in the captain’s chair. “Wasn’t my Captains chair at the time. And we both know how I would have felt and dealt with it when I found out,” he tweeted.

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Naturally, Camille was not happy about being publicly called out.  She quickly responded to Captain Lee’s tweets on her social media. The entire exchange was re-posted on the Instagram account, Below Deck Sailing.

“Have you lost your mind?” Camille wrote. “I’m a 24 yr old trying to figure out life u just made it that more difficult. You know.. I thought the exact same thing when you joked about dragging your d*** through whiskey glass infront of a crowd of people at the premiere. My exact thought was.. of all the things you’ve lost Lee, you miss your mind the most. Get real and get off twitter with that bull,” she added.

Ah yes, the world must stop turning to accommodate the folly of youth. It’s just a continuation of what we saw from Camille on the show.

During the most recent episode, Camille managed to get called out by Captain Sandy over the radio and was triggered by chef Rachel Hargrove’s asking her to work. Camille fell apart due to the multiple directives she received.

Fraser also had to get an earful of Camille’s displeasure. “Well, you’re never around me,” the deck/stew snarked. “I’m getting pulled in every direction.”

“It’s called working on a superyacht,” Fraser responded. He then labeled Camille “very immature” and “f***** mental.”

Sandy tried to mitigate the situation by taking Camille off the deck team, but gave her an ultimatum during the episode. “You have this charter to prove to me that you’re in it to win it,” Sandy said. “Because I promise you, you’ll be off the boat.”

In the final moments of episode six, Camille was hysterically shouting at Alissa to leave the guest cabin she was cleaning. It’s a death-knell for her time on board. And assuming she did get fired, Camille clearly didn’t learn anything from her time on the show.


[Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo]