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Summer House Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: My Sweet Andrea

Last week’s Summer House ended on a cathartic yet trepidatious note. On one hand, Kyle Cooke and Danielle Olivera finally sat down to hash out their differences. On the other, Kyle seems to be at a crossroads over what to do regarding the Carl Radke of it all. And of course, that’s right where this week’s episode picks up again. Hey, remember when Summer House had opening credits and a theme song? “From city to beach!” I miss those days.

A Loverboy Summit

After venting to Danielle, Kyle goes back to the city, where he eventually has to face the problem with Carl. Thankfully, he decides to do it in a professional setting in the official Loverboy office. (Even if that “office” is another apartment in his and Amanda Batula’s building.)

The two besties sit down and pretty much dance around their real issues. But at least a conversation is starting to happen. Carl feels undervalued within the Loverboy operation. Kyle doesn’t understand where Carl gets off thinking he’s working 90 hours a week. However, both sides ultimately want to put their friendship first over the business so…nothing really gets accomplished. Instead, let’s put it off a little longer and head to the Hamptons!

Return Of The Perfect Male Specimen

Andrea Denver is officially back in the Hamptons! And honestly, thank the Bravo gods for that. In a season of mostly female roommates, I can’t be the only one who’s been missing our resident Italian heartthrob terribly, right?

Just like the rest of America, Gabby Prescod is disappointed to discover Andrea is still with his long-term, off-camera girlfriend Lexi. However, the newbie didn’t even ask our favorite Italian his zodiac sign. So who knows if they’d even be compatible? Most viewers, though, are probably just happy to see that Andrea still refuses to button his shirt up.

The model (and never forget: Taylor Swift music video star) is really back in the Hamptons to get a do-over on his disastrous Italian dinner from last season. Remember? The one he spent in tears while Ciara Miller threw a wine glass — and plenty of vino — at Danielle? Because Danielle, in retrospect, was kind of sort of once again fighting one of Lindsay Hubbard’s battles? That one? Well, the good news is that this time around, Andrea’s night in Italy goes off without a hitch. There’s carbonara for everyone, lots of sex talk, and plenty of Versace ensembles worn around the table.

Paige DeSorbo also happens to be missing from the action for the week. (No, she’s not in Charleston, she’s visiting her family in Albany.) Not only is this a bummer considering the special guest in the house this episode, but it also lends further credence to my theory that we may not be getting all the housemates under the same roof this season. I’ve already had more than enough with the rotating bedrooms of it all.

Miss I-Can’t-Stop-Talking

The deeper we get into the summer, the more the newbies will inevitably start to differentiate themselves from one another. And so far, it seems Samantha Feher might be making the worst impression. It’s not that the rest of the roommates dislike Sam. It’s just that…the girl talks a lot. Like, a lot a lot. As in, some of the other girls couldn’t even get a word in on the drive out from the city.

This is something Samantha knows about herself. She even tells her new roommates that she’s physically incapable of not interrupting while someone else is speaking. Which…definitely seems like a terrible quality but at least you’re self-aware of it? I don’t know, maybe that makes it worse somehow. But even though the newbie owns her chatterbox nature, I don’t understand why Mya Allen found it necessary to pull her into the pantry and confront her about it. Sure, Mya’s intentions may have been good but that kind of “friendly” advice only leads to hurt feelings.

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A HIPAA Violation?

Elsewhere, Ciara decides to approach Kyle about some of the tea that was spilled at the girls-only tea party the weekend prior. Namely that Amanda hasn’t had her period in nine months and is worried about her fertility. Now yes, Ciara is coming from two places with this information: first as Amanda’s friend, and second as a registered nurse. But is it really her place to share it with Kyle at all?

Kyle wisely takes the news in stride and decides to bring it up to his wife as casually — and delicately — as possible. Which apparently means talking about her fertility in the living room after she jumps on his back for a playful hug. Ciara may have crossed a line, but now that Kyle knows, Amanda won’t be able to avoid the topic any longer.

Sleepover Games

The big event of the episode is a house sleepover, complete with matching pajamas for both the guys and the girls. (For some reason, each uniform includes a mandatory white shirt and a different color of tie-dyed bottoms.) And it’s not a sleepover without some good old-fashioned games. But instead of, say, truth or dare, Danielle whips out a card game called “Stir the Pot.”

Each card contains a potentially troublesome question, but the rule is that it has to be answered. Yeah, this won’t be a problem at all. When it’s Danielle‘s turn to pull a card, she has to decide who in the group she trusts the least. And instead of choosing, oh I don’t know, one of the newbies as an easy way out, she decides to choose…Amanda.

This sets Amanda off in tears. She thinks Danielle targeting her was some kind of personal dig. And it was, just not Danielle’s. Once again, Danielle is picking a fight on behalf of Lindsay, who’s still holding a grudge over an off-hand comment Amanda made during Winter House that she’s tainted Carl. (It’s true!) So now, the vets of the house are back in fight mode as the newbies look around wondering where it all went wrong.

Seeing Amanda in tears naturally gets Kyle fired up. Danielle claims she doesn’t understand why Amanda’s crying in the first place. But when Kyle unleashes in defense of his wife, Lindsay and, by default, Carl gets dragged into the argument. And just before all hell breaks loose, we’re gifted with a “To Be Continued…”


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