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Summer House Star Kyle Cooke Explains That While Carl Radke Quit LoverBoy, “He Gave Me Plenty Of Opportunities To Fire Him”

Summer House is supposed to be fun. It used to focus on 20-somethings from New York who worked hard on the weekdays and drank even harder on the weekends at their debaucherous theme parties. Now as the show enters Season 7, Summer House is almost unrecognizable. The Good Vibe Tribe is split into a million pieces. Summer should be fun, but this summer is all about drama.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are at the center of the Summer House chaos. The two besties started dating and all hell broke loose. Their relationship has moved full-speed ahead, but some of their friends haven’t been able to catch the ride. Danielle Olivera suffers a major falling out with Carlito and HubbHouse, who were her longtime besties. The relationship has also put a major strain on Carl’s relationship with Kyle Cooke, which made both their personal and professional lives messy.

We’re only a few episodes into Season 7 and the writing is on the wall that Carl is going to quit LoverBoy. It makes sense — he’s a sober guy who’s become one of the faces of an alcohol brand. Kyle puts all the blame on Lindsay for essentially convincing Carl to quit. Meanwhile, Lindsay has her own beef with her roomies, particularly Kyle’s wife Amanda Batula. It’s all one big mess, and now Kyle is spilling tea to Us Weekly. It’s all about Carl’s official departure from his booze brand.

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Kyle confirmed that Carl officially quit LoverBoy in November 2022. But he reiterates that he was “checked out” for “many, many months.” Alright, dude, we get it after you’ve repeated this a million times in the span of two episodes. He also goes on about how patient of a boss he was while Carl was figuring out his role in LoverBoy.

It’s obvious Kyle has a great work ethic and it’s why he and Amanda have made LoverBoy so successful. But can you even imagine him as a boss? I don’t know, something tells me he’s not as easy breezy to work for as he tries to sell to us. Especially if you’re someone like Carl who has even more blurred boundaries with his boss who is also his best bud.

Kyle also confirmed that Carl resigned from his job and was not given the boot. “He gave me plenty of opportunities to fire him,” Kyle added, just to make it clear. Oy vey. He then goes on to say that now that they aren’t co-workers, they can work on fixing their friendship. And he thought this interview was a good first step? It doesn’t seem like the best tactic to trash Carl and his fiancée leading up to their wedding in order to fix your friendship.

Kyle did express his disappointment in Lindsay and Carl making “our business everybody’s business.” So, maybe that’s why he’s not holding back on slinging some mud. All I know is I’m too eager to see who will make the cut to Lindsay and Carl’s royal wedding. Kyle better mind his manners and maybe stop calling Lindsay the most calculated person he’s ever met. Just an idea.


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