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Below Deck Season 10 Episode 16 Recap: Piece of Cake

Season 10 of Below Deck has been shifty. We’ve swapped captains, half the stew department, and even love triangles. What a tangled web these yachties weave. Have you been keeping up? If not, I encourage you to catch up with a binge-watch before the reunion. We’re getting closer! With everything that we’ve seen this season and all the casting changes ahead, it’s sure to be one for the books! 

This week, we are welcomed back to Angel. The second most notorious guest of Season 10. I miss LaQuish. Anyways, let’s get into it. Here are the five main takeaways from this week’s episode. 

Angel Finds His Wings

Red Bull gives you wings and a Bloody Mary inside a Bloody Mary gives Angel the sleepies. This walking party foul dozed off on the water trampoline during the mid-day water activities. Captain Lee Rosbach convinces the guests to let Angel fly free, and they untether his floating bed from the boat. He floats away and only wakes up after Tony Duarte splashes him with a jet-ski. 

Eventually, Angel loses his voice, and Fraser Olender realizes this group of guests is actually quite lovely without their boisterous sidekick. They leave a fat $40,000 tip for the crew’s patience. It fuels quite the night out for the cast later in the episode.

Ross Sets A Goal

Bosun Ross McHarg and his deckhand Katie Glaser are openly flirting on deck during the charter. In her confessional Katie shares that she thinks Ross is “doing better.” She says there could be something more between them after the season is over. In his interview, Ross is clear that he sees no future with Katie at all. We also learn he did porn as “just a penis.” Little Mr. Mention It All.

When the crew goes out to party after the charter, Ross seizes his moment to flirt with randos at the bar. He returns to Katie to assure her she’s his “goal” for the evening. It’s repulsive. Even worse, it’s followed by yet another fight where Katie pleadingly calls this tiny-toothed Belieber “babe” and “honey.” She asks him why he’s spending time with people he’s never going to see again over her. Somehow Ross manages to convince her she’s pushing him away. 

In the morning daylight, Ross and Katie seem to mutually agree to keep their relationship fun, and completely non-committal. We’ve heard it before. Luckily we only have one episode left of this disaster either way. 

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Ben And Leigh-Ann Part 1

I’m enjoying Leigh-Ann Smith and her proud crush on Ben Willoughby. I think she deserves better, but I’m here for her confidence all the same. Rooting for you, Leigh!!

I really couldn’t tell what was going to happen with these two throughout the episode. Ben sure does know how to keep someone on their toes. During the guest’s club-themed party, Ben invites Leigh-Ann over to dance with him. He pulls her in close and says he’s “glad he got her to come [dance with him.]” It was unnecessary and very flirtatious. 

Ben then heads up to anchor watch where he calls Camille Lamb to apologize for missing her call. He tells her he was dancing, and wishing he was with her. He tells the viewers that he hasn’t told Camille about Leigh-Ann because “nothing has happened yet.” Emphasis on yet. 

Goodnight Doritos 

All she wanted was some Goodnight Doritos! Watching Hayley De Sola Pinto and Tyler Walker wasted in the crew mess was the highlight of the season for me. They were eating cake, throwing cake, and vacuuming cake with their nipples out. It was pure bliss. And I’m pretty sure they both literally peed their pants. 

More seriously, HayleyFraser, and Tyler have all formed deep friendships this season. They are supportive of each other both on the boat and in real life. Fraser has learned a new role, Tyler has gained confidence in his sexuality, and Hayley got to put those legendary new boobs to work. It’s so nice to watch the true relationships elevate and shine through on a show usually filled with troubled ocean runaways. Watching Tyler slip on the cake and smash his precious head into the wall was just an added bonus. 

Ben And Leigh-Ann Part 2

Leigh-Ann spends the better part of the episode asking everyone for the gory details on Camille and Ben but deciding to continue pursuing him anyways. Who put Ben juggling two women on their Below Deck bingo card this season?  

At the crew dinner, Ben strikes up a casual conversation with Leigh-Ann. He asks about the terrible relationship she just escaped from. At the club, he treats her to a complimentary strip tease. It’s more for him than her. In his confessional, Ben says “I’m cheeky and I just love playing with fire.” It sounds even grosser when he says it. 

Back on the boat, Fraser tries convincing Ben that he should be with Leigh-Ann over Camille. Can’t wait to see how that plays out at the reunion. Ben admits he’s falling a little more every time he talks to Leigh-Ann…and BAM. The teaser for next week looks like Leigh-Ann will get her day in the guest cabin. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]