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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 11 Recap: “Moonshine and Monthiversaries”

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight made a few things clear. Some of these couples really like each other, while others are just biding their time. Honestly, I don’t see the point of dragging things out. If I were matched with some of these people, I may have shut down a long time ago. I guess we will have to continue to sit back and watch things unfold to truly know how things will play out. One week things are nuclear and the next some are playing nice.

The newlyweds celebrate their one-month anniversaries. While some take to the skies, others to the water, and one couple smashes things up.  After uncomfortable questions at dinner, one couple questions whether they’re on the same page. One bride’s father thinks that his son-in-law needs to tap into his big D energy. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole’s dad comes to visit his daughter and Chris at their new apartment. In an effort to make sure he has his father-in-law’s approval, he pulls him aside for a chat. Chris has great things to say about his wife and marriage but has to be reminded that they are still in the honeymoon stage. Nicole’s father also wants to make sure Chris still has a voice. Clearly, her dad knows better than anyone his daughter may not always be a walk in the park to deal with.

Chris surprises Nicole with a helicopter ride for their one-month anniversary. He really wants to do something special for his wife to show his appreciation for her. He is so sweet. Chris continues to impress me. He is such a nice and genuine person, I really hope he and Nicole continue in this positive direction. The one thing that continues to worry Chris is that she can be overly critical of herself.  I know I have expressed some skepticism, but I truly hope that they can continue to grow together.

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Airris & Jasmine

Airris meets with one of his friends to get some advice about his marriage. His friend is shocked to learn that he isn’t attracted to Jasmine and they haven’t consummated their marriage. Later when they go out for their one-month anniversary, he reflects on what is necessary for their relationship to grow. He notices that they have better conversations when they are on dates and wants to start figuring out what they have in common. I guess that is a good sign. He has only complained to everyone who would listen, so at least he is trying to be productive. They both agree to work on their intimacy and to refrain from sex until after decision day. Airris doesn’t want to give his wife mixed signals, so he believes not having sex is in both their best interest. I agree! They need to decide if they actually like each other before things progress any further.

Clint & Gina

For their one-month anniversary, Clint and Gina go for a hike and a swim. They both have a great time exploring and enjoying each other’s company. In a post-interview, Gina confesses that she could see a future with her husband. She is beginning to see why the experts matched them. This was the quickest 360 in MAFS history. They went from being at each other’s throats to actually getting along really well. I don’t know if it will be enough, but things are definitely looking up for these two. I am really interested in seeing how things go as they continue in their marriage. I’m not sure how much all of this is worth, but at the very least they look comfortable together.

Shaquille & Kirsten

Kirsten is still struggling with opening up to Shaq. Although she claims her attraction has grown, she still is not on the same level as him. For their one-month anniversary, they enjoy roller skating and dinner. During their conversation, Kirsten talks a lot about the future. I was shocked because, from her actions, I wasn’t sure that she even wanted a future with her husband. Even Shaq notices the difference in her words and actions. He doesn’t see her letting her guard down any more than when they first met.

In a post-interview, Kirsten tells producers she feels Shaq is too concerned with decision day. She questions why she would feel comfortable with him and allow him around her friends and family if he doesn’t make her feel like things are long-term. Okay… I can understand that as a person who doesn’t open up easily. But one thing I have learned as that type of person is you have to explain your thought process and ask for what you want. Shaq may be open to giving her what she needs if she communicates it. But if he is left to guess then they both will only grow further apart.


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