SUMMER HOUSE -- Episode 706 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke -- (Photo by: Sean Zanni/Bravo)

Summer House Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Hard Conversations at the Discotheque

Welcome back to Summer House, where it’s officially the 1970s and Gabby Prescod is in charge. That’s right, we finally get to see the newbie’s hostess skills in action this week. And, uh, let’s just say they’re a 6.5 out of 10… If anything Gabby seemed more interested in changing her outfit three different times throughout the soiree than, say, entertaining her guests with, like, food…and alcohol…and music.

But never fear! In place of those basic party necessities, the Housemates brought more than enough drama to the party, with the storyline ping-ponging wildly between Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, and Danielle Olivera…with Paige DeSorbo stuck in the middle. So buckle up, disco queens, it’s going to be anything but a groovy ride.

Avoidance Makes the Heart Grow Awkward

After spending the tail end of last week’s episode at a family reunion, Kyle and Amanda finally arrive at the house in time for Gabby‘s party. Carl initially says he’s planning on pulling Kyle aside for a talk. But instead, both couples tiptoe around each other as they get into their appropriately disco-themed threads. Surprise, surprise, it only makes the tension more palpable. At one point, Lindsay and Amanda barely avoid running into each other in the hallway. But hey, at least Kymanda brought their dogs as a good distraction?

Call Her Karma Brown

While several of her roommates are feeling all kinds of uncomfortable, Ciara Miller is in the mood to party. And the Studio Fifty Forest bash is the perfect place to trot out her newly discovered alter ego, Karma Brown. Karma is a straight-shooting, sequin-wearing soul sister straight out of the ’70s (with the afro to prove it!) who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. In the same vein as the puppies, it’s a nice distraction from the brewing drama, and you have to admire Ciara’s episode-long commitment to the bit. BAM!

A Peace Summit Between Bros

Once again, Kyle and Carl have a lot to talk about. And of course, the beleaguered BFFs’ entire conversation occurs with the former wearing the most delightful pair of pink pants and platform shoes while the latter is in a Jheri curl-style wig fit for DeBarge. But in all seriousness, Carl is still hurt from Kyle’s outburst the weekend prior and Kyle can’t help but worry about how his friendship with Carl is changing.

There’s also the issue of Lindsay and Amanda‘s long-simmering frenemy-ship. Which surely puts the guys in an impossible situation. But there’s no way this fractured friendship is getting solved with a single sit-down. Both Carl and Kyle promise to put their friendship first — just like they did a few episodes back — and they manage to hug it out. Now Carl thinks his girlfriend should approach Amanda to clear the air. And…are we shocked she doesn’t take that suggestion well?

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Hard Conversation Girls

After watching the lovebirds bicker over Amanda in the middle of the party, Danielle decides to pull Carl aside to check-in. At the same time, Lindsay ends up poolside with Paige, who accidentally lets slip Danielle’s concerns about her besties’ relationship. This is news to Lindsay. She expects Danielle to fall in line and be her unwavering cheerleader. And she doesn’t like hearing that Danielle is echoing the same reasons she’s holding a grudge against Amanda.

When confronted, Danielle is finally able to express some of her concerns, regardless of whether Lindsay wants to hear them. Sadly her worry that it feels like she could lose her best friend over this relationship is on its way to coming true, and this conversation is just the first crack between the long-standing besties.

To Montauk or Not to Montauk?

After the party, Danielle and Samantha Feher want to keep the good times going by heading to a house party in Montauk. Naturally, this divides the house into Team Homebody and Team Party Animals but the only person Danielle is worried about is Lindsay. And HubbHouse clearly wants to go…but Carl wants to stay. And so guess what Lindsay does? The co-dependency is real, people and Danielle is left disappointed in her bestie. Consider this strike number two.


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