Savannah Chrisley, Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley, Chase Chrisley and Lindsie Chrisley (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Savannah Chrisley Says She’s “Dating Someone” After Getting Full Custody Of Brother And Niece

A new romance can come at the strangest times, and that seems to be the case for 25-year-old Savannah Chrisley. Although both of her parents just went to the slammer, the Chrisley Knows Best star recently revealed that she’s dating someone new! Page Six reported all of the details about the unusual new chapter in her life.

Savannah’s parents, Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley were just sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison for tax fraud. With her parents behind bars, Savannah received full custody of her 16-year-old brother and 10-year-old niece. Of course, your parents going to jail and also becoming a parent is a lot of life to deal with in a short amount of time.

Still, that’s not stopping Savannah from searching for love. On Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine podcast, Savannah revealed she’s dating someone. Unsurprisingly, she shared that being a new “single mom” at 25 years old with imprisoned parents has presented its own unique challenges for dating.

“Now I see single moms, like, ‘How do you do it?'” Savannah mused on the podcast. “And to them, it’s just a package deal. ‘You want to go to dinner? These two are coming along with.'”

Although the dating game can be tricky, Savannah explained how transparency about her current situation was the key to forming a new connection. Obviously, the dude could have just done a quick Google search to get all of the tea on Savannah’s family, but it’s nice that she’s being upfront and honest with him.

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She explained, “This is what you’re getting into. Guess what? There’s two kids. My parents aren’t in the greatest place in the world right now. You know it all, 110 percent transparency. If you’re in, you’re in. If you’re out, you’re out.”

It sounds like this guy is definitely in because Savannah also revealed that he’s already met her little brother and niece. However, she was hesitant to reveal his identity on the podcast. She admitted that she wants to try to keep the relationship in a “safe place.”

“And people are just hateful. They’re always gonna compare to the last person you were with,” Savannah explained. “And I’m just like, ‘You know what? Maybe I’m not quite ready to let you in on that.'”

Moments later, Savannah shared her plans to have the new boo on her new reality show. We all know that new relationships thrive on reality TV, so we can’t wait to see how this plays out.


[Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic]