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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 14 Recap: “The Rope, The Feather, And The Bidet”

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was interesting, to say the least. If I learned anything it was that many of these couples are either uncomfortable with themselves or intimacy with their partner. Thankfully they met with Dr. Pia Holec which helped to bring some topics to the surface that needed to be addressed. I’m not sure if things can completely turn around in such a short time period.

With two weeks left until Decision Day, the couples face tests as Dr. Pia returns to help with their intimacy and sex lives. While one couple almost reaches a breaking point, another finds hope in a steamy exercise. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole and Chris spoke more about their pasts and how it has affected them in the present with Dr. Pia. Nicole became extremely emotional when she thought about the things she accepted in her past relationships. Dr. Pia suggested that she lean into being vulnerable and not comparing Chris to things that she experienced in the past. It’s very obvious by the way Nicole talked about herself that she struggles with many insecurities. I honestly hope she is able to overcome some of these obstacles so she feels worthy of a good man like Chris.

Airris & Jasmine

Jasmine is the most honest and open I have ever seen her this season while speaking to Dr. Pia. She admitted that she has been closed off since she was put in the friend zone during the honeymoon. Also, she feels that Airris can be very condescending in the way that he speaks to her. Although recently he has been making more of an effort to get to know her, she didn’t believe he was being genuine at the time. In her mind, he was only asking her questions because he was bored and wanted time to go by faster. Sigh! Wow! I guess if I felt like I was dealing with a person who didn’t want to be around me, I may feel that way as well. But despite all of this, Airris claimed he wants to truly understand his wife and see her full personality.

Either Airris realized that he actually wants to be married or he doesn’t want to look like the bad guy on television. Not only did he reach out to Jasmine’s mother, but he also called her sister to get more insight into his wife. But Jasmine wasn’t buying it. She still feels like he isn’t fully invested in being married to her. She doesn’t want to feel like she has to convince her husband to love, or even like her. I agree. That would have to be extremely difficult. To want something so badly and when you receive it, it’s nothing like you thought it would be.

Clint & Gina

Clint and Gina met with Dr. Pia and reiterated that they have zero sexual chemistry with one another. Despite what they each are saying, neither seems offended or surprised. But Dr. Pia wasn’t ready to give up on them just yet. During the meeting, she gave the newlyweds some tips and homework to invoke some intimacy in their relationship. I am not sure how this is going to work since neither seems totally comfortable seeing the other in that way. I guess we will have to wait to see if they are able to spice things up or if they are just in the friend zone.

 Clint and Gina answer some sexually-related questions and even participated in a mild physical exercise. This was probably the most awkward I have ever seen them. There is no denying these two have no chemistry whatsoever. I don’t think a box of sex toys and questions are going to help at all. At this point, I am just happy they are able to get along while living together. That is probably the extent of my expectations of them.

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Shaquille & Kirsten

Kirsten and Shaq were discovering they may be on two different pages when they met with Dr. Pia. After some probing, Kirsten admitted that she really didn’t think of her husband as being masculine. There are times when she feels that he is, but that is only in certain instances such as moving boxes and taking care of her. Sigh! I’m not going to lie. I am not surprised. Her actions have shown that she wasn’t completely attracted to her husband. She explained that Shaq makes her feel comfortable, but she isn’t as confident about seeing him as a protector. Obviously, he wasn’t happy that he feels like he has to constantly prove himself to her.

What does Lifetime have us watching? There was nothing sexy about Shaq’s treasure hunt. But if Kirsten enjoyed it, that is all that matters. Right after playing with rope and lube, they went into the bedroom for him to confront her about not attending his work event. Umm… was this the only time he could have brought this up? That seemed like an odd time to bring up any grievances. In a post-interview, Shaq claimed that he isn’t completely happy in his marriage.


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