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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 17 Recap: “Gatlinburg Getaway”

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was just okay if I am being honest. I only say that because it almost seemed unnecessary. We really didn’t really learn anything new. But if you aren’t as jaded as me, maybe you found some nuggets that gave you the tiniest bit of hope for these couples. There were some benefits to everyone attending the retreat together. I prefer a little more drama. But from the preview of next week’s episode things definitely seem to heat up again.

The newlyweds continue their couples retreat in the Great Smoky Mountains. They continue to bond through adventurous activities like pole climbing and log rolling. The couples work to strengthen their connection and settle any unresolved issues. They also lean on each for the other participants’ insight into their relationships. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole shared with Kirsten that despite her and Chris getting along so well, she is still anxious about the possibility of living separately after decision day. Chris, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same pressure to expedite finding a place that may not work for them long term. During a date, Chris found out even more about his wife. Not only is she hard on herself in general, but that also extends to friendly competition with her spouse.

While playing mini golf, she almost freaked out because she couldn’t handle losing. I really hope Chris doesn’t lose himself in this relationship. Nicole can be a lot. He has to serve as a therapist, even during a fun game. Although she has told him she wanted him to make sure he has his own self-care, I wonder if she will try to manage herself at times so that he doesn’t become drained lifting her up.

Airris & Jasmine

Airris returned from his work meeting and found that Jasmine seems a lot more open to him. Apparently, all he had to do was compliment her in public, for her to soften up. Shockingly, he even admitted he missed his wife. Are we in a parallel universe? Are these seemingly acting like they are actually together? Honestly, I think things still may be one-sided in this relationship. Despite Airris saying those wonderful things to Jasmine, I just don’t see real chemistry.

I think he wants to be able to say that he did everything to see if things would work in the end. But sadly, I think she is falling for him and will end up hurt. For Airris, I think his lack of attraction boils down to Jasmine’s lack of confidence. Although she isn’t his normal type, if she felt comfortable and had confidence things may have been a little different. I guess we will have to wait until decision day to find out their fate.

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Clint & Gina

Clint was left feeling the effects of his drinking after partying for his birthday. But lucky for him, Gina stepped up to take care of him. During a group outing, she shared with a few people that she has never felt like a wife during the experiment. She doesn’t feel the chemistry or any effort from Clint to show romantic interest. When Gina discovered that one of her stylists decided to quit via text, she was disappointed. She realized that she walks a fine line between owner and friend, which makes it even harder when there is an issue. Clint listened and offered advice, which his wife actually recognized and appreciated. Despite all of this, I still feel that there is no hope for these two. It is apparent that they are just tolerating each other until they can resume their regular life.

Shaquille & Kirsten

Kirsten admitted to Nicole that she isn’t sure if she and Shaq will stay married. Meanwhile, Shaq talked to Chris and shared that his marriage is going well, but there are small things that still pose an issue. As an example, he mentioned how she likes to stay up all night getting to know one another, but that is hard when you have to wake up at 6 a.m. Sigh! I really hope she doesn’t get upset that this man can’t stay up every night.

Later, Shaq spoke more to part of the group about him not feeling supported by Kirsten. Although she offered to go to every work event, he still questions if she actually wants to go. Insert eye roll. Who really wants to go to all of ANOTHER person’s work events? Nobody! But you do it at times to make your significant other happy and be supportive. Does he really expect her to be jumping for joy to get off work and go to something work-related for him?


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