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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 15 Recap: “Whiskey A No-No”

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was juicy! There was a lot to unpack in this one episode. This season is full of all types of drama. It seems like everyone insists on having some type of issue, even if they have to create one. This week, DeVon Franklin steps in to speak with all the couples and help them to navigate through their lingering issues. He definitely had his work cut out for him!

With less than two weeks left until Decision Day, flowing whiskey at a couples’ get-together leads to shocking confessions. One husband’s dancing “misstep” leaves an already unsteady marriage teetering on the edge. Another groom admits that he is in love with his wife, even if she doesn’t believe it. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Chris was left totally confused when Nicole tried to explain she may not always mean what she says. In her previous relationships, she was left to self-soothe so her default is to separate herself. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want validation and support. Sigh! I can appreciate that Nicole really tried to communicate about her issues and her past. But, this could actually backfire and make Chris fearful of the future with her, if she keeps warning him away.

Nicole went shopping with Kirsten for some lingerie to spice things up with Chris. While there, she expresses some doubts about her body. But when she comes out of the dressing room, she looks great. Why are you hiding all of that Nicole? Kirsten does a great job encouraging her to achieve self-love and gave some sexy tips for the bedroom. I truly hope that Nicole can find a way to let her past go and accept that her future can hold great things. If she allowed herself to accept it. It is clear that she is self-sabotaging out of fear, despite Chris being in love with her. Nicole, he is going to get tired of you always creating an issue. He isn’t those other men that hurt you! If Nicole isn’t in therapy, she could benefit from going to work through some of her trauma.

Airris & Jasmine

Jasmine spoke with DeVon about the state of her marriage. She has revealed to the other women all of her frustrations but has yet to fully explain them to Airris. She experienced some issues with self-esteem, due to bullying in her life. DeVon catches the correlation between her suppressing her feelings when she is in stressful situations to how she shuts down with her husband. After some thought, she is finally able to admit she is afraid of hearing a negative response to her feelings. But Jasmine has to have the confidence and courage to confront the issues head-on. Hopefully after this pep talk, she will attempt to have this discussion.

Airris had an interesting conversation with DeVon regarding his marriage. He wants a partner to share his life with, yet he admitted that he wasn’t putting in a lot of effort with Jasmine to potentially have that. One of their major issues is communication. Jasmine is afraid to get hurt. Airris almost seemed content with the way things are. Yes, he made efforts to go deeper in their conversations recently, but what is his intention behind that? Is it truly getting to know and possibly building something with his wife? Or is it just to make conversation? Jasmine seems to think it’s the latter and I agree.

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During a group outing, Jasmine admitted in front of everyone that she has been emotional due to the state of her marriage. Immediately, Nicole jumped to her defense and she and several others advised her that it is important to be vulnerable with others. I love how everyone shared their own stories in order to support her. Later, Jasmine reached her limit with Airris. While everyone was dancing, she attempted to dance with him, but he danced with the female instructor instead. Needless to say, he spent the night on the couch. The next day, Dr. Pepper Schwartz came to visit and they discussed the incident. Airris was disappointed Jasmine made a scene and she was proud that she finally stuck up for herself. Let’s hope that Dr. Pepper can make some sense out of this because I have already given up on them as a couple.

Clint & Gina

When Clint and Gina met with Dr. Pepper, she tried to convince them that despite being in the friend zone they could still fall in love. Has she not observed these two during the entire experiment? I think this couple falling in love in the last week is highly unlikely, no matter what they do. Chemistry has to be natural and if you need exercises and pep talks to establish it, then it may not be there. They already stated they are not attracted to one another. Did Dr. Pepper suggest they watch Driving Miss Daisy together to create intimacy? Insert side eye here. What??? It may be time for her to retire if these are her suggestions. Somehow, I doubt that movie nor any other is going to save this marriage.

Shaquille & Kirsten

Shaq’s mom called Kirsten and told her that she needs to be more supportive of her son. He was still upset that she didn’t attend his work event. Kirsten claimed that she has tried to make up for him feeling that way by sending him affirmations and checking in with him throughout the day. But apparently, Mama and Shaq didn’t think it is enough. Now… I don’t know how to feel about this interaction. It is too early for Shaq’s mother to get so involved in their relationship.

During the group outing, Shaq revealed he was once in a dark place and decided to seek therapy. Nicole jumped in and said that she will speak on Kirsten’s behalf and that she is willing to be a support for him. Shaq became visibly upset and walked away. He was hurt another woman had to say what his wife should have said at that moment. He has a point. To be fair, Kirsten didn’t ask Nicole to do that, but it was her silence at that moment that was loud. There is no way I would let another woman tell my man what I can do for him, without affirming that myself. Apparently, on Shaq’s last trip, he found out that he would not be graduating on time. So, he felt very alone when she didn’t come to his event to support him.

DeVon met with Kirsten and Shaq and explained that they need to communicate their expectations clearly to one another. If they aren’t able to do that, neither will be able to meet those expectations. Shaq explained he wants his wife to fully understand his work and show up to his events. In turn, she mentioned that she has shown up for an event and she has supported him in other ways. Devon gave them some great advice. He challenged Shaq not to diminish things that she has done because she missed one event, because it is counterproductive. To be fair, I think it is a bit demanding to expect someone who has only known you for a short period of time to attend every work event if they are out of town. She has attended an event and asked him questions about his job, but personally, I think that expectation is high at this point. Kirsten does convey that although she has been supportive, it will only grow with time.


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