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Married At First Sight Season 16 Episode 12 Recap: “Getting to the Crust”

Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was very eye-opening. While the newlyweds are still in the process of getting to know one another, they are faced with their future. It’s very interesting that some of the participants find it easier to speak with others about their feelings, rather than their spouses. I know they haven’t known each other for long, but sharing is how your connection grows.

Fear gets the better of one bride as she worries that her happy marriage will crumble.  Another wife clams up when her husband finally begins to share. A sensual body painting session turns one wife’s body into a masterpiece. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Christopher & Nicole

Nicole invites Chris to goat yoga with her father in an effort for them to have a chance to bond and get to know one another. Afterward, her father gives his new son-in-law more insight into his daughter. Later, while meeting with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, they both expressed happiness and gratitude for their relationship. We all can see they have been getting along well, but that may not always be the case. Hopefully, this couple will have the tools to get past any obstacles when they take place.

The experts give Nicole and Chris a bowl of questions to discuss with one another. I love that they took the exercise seriously and were thoughtful with their answers. Not only did they share things that were probably hard to discuss, but they also showed support throughout the process. Apparently, I am not the only one who is waiting for something bad to happen in this relationship. Nicole shares with Chris that she worries that something will happen to take away her newfound happiness. Although I feel like something may happen, I really do hope that it doesn’t. I think both Nicole and Chris have been through so much and deserve to find their happily ever after.

Airris & Jasmine

Airris and Jasmine meet with Dr. Pepper to discuss their marriage. Jasmine is struggling with her husband not being attracted to her. Before this experiment, she began to feel confident within herself and this situation isn’t helping to maintain that feeling. Sigh! I totally sympathize with Jasmine’s plight. She mentors young girls and encourages them to advocate for themselves, while at home she is finding it difficult to do for herself. Airris admits that he has abandonment issues from his childhood and the multiple deaths of loved ones. Although his wife doesn’t have that type of childhood trauma, she confesses she has an issue confronting obstacles. This is evident because this whole time she has just endured Airris’ rejection and has not shown any true emotion until now.

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Jasmine and Airris are just painful to watch. While they answer some insightful questions that the experts gave them, it is clear that she is struggling.  Not only is her body language off, but she also seems completely checked out of the conversation. Even Airris attempts to participate in the exercise while his wife isn’t open at all. I understand she may have some resentment that may be surfacing in a passive-aggressive way, but she did say she wanted to have deeper conversations. Not taking the questions seriously just seems like a missed opportunity.

Airris does something that shocks me. He calls Jasmine’s mother to meet with her to find out how he can more insight into her daughter. Until this episode, I didn’t think he was that interested. He shares he is having trouble getting her to let her guard down. Airris is searching for some type of commonality with his wife, but she won’t open up. Her mother actually provides a lot of great advice. She isn’t biased in the conversation and speaks to him as if he was her own son. I love that she didn’t just try to defend her daughter and negate his feelings. It’s obvious she truly wants their marriage to work and for them to be able to get past some of their issues. I think Jasmine is finally coming to terms with the fact that something she wanted for so long may not last after finally getting it.

Clint & Gina

Clint talks to his friend, David, about his progress with Gina. Although he feels they have made great strides, he still doesn’t fully know his wife. He questions how they would get to the next stage if they don’t go deeper. In an effort to dig a bit deeper, the experts give them questions to discuss with one another. Obviously, they have a lot more work to do which is apparent when they talk to Dr. Pepper. Time is winding down and I am not sure that these two would have found enough common ground to stay together.  Honestly, I think Gina is just biding her time until the experiment ends.

Shaquille & Kirsten

I haven’t seen Kirsten seem as attracted to Shaq until he began showing an interest in her career and offering his services to help her. She even admitted she gets turned on by a smart man. Well, Shaq, you may need to continue to consult on her projects and give random facts. Lol!  I was beginning to feel sorry for him about the lack of affection he has received so far. While meeting with Dr. Pepper he was talking about forehead kisses when asked about their intimacy. Seriously? I guess in the grand scheme of things that is progress, but not by much. Even Dr. Pepper was confused as to why they seemed stuck at not even 1st base.

I guess the conversation with Dr. Pepper convinced Shaq to finally step up to the plate. He surprises Kirsten with a body painting date which gets a little spicy. In a post-interview, she even alludes to them potentially having sex. Wow! He went from forehead kisses to a french kiss and maybe consummating the marriage. I guess we will have to just tune in next week for confirmation of what happened once the bedroom door is closed. Either way, they have made a huge leap in their relationship. I guess Kirsten just needed time to feel special in order to take the next step.


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