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Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Kenya Moore Says Marlo Hampton Needs ‘Medication’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back, and you know what that means: It’s read session time. Housewives Marlo Hampton and Kenya Moore have been on the show for the same amount of time and have had a rocky past. Marlo first appeared in Season 4 and Kenya in Season 5. You’d think that their longevity in the group would mean more to them, but apparently, it doesn’t mean a thing (just like Kim Zolciak’s ring).

Season 14 was their worst falling out ever. Despite their many arguments in the past, we’ve never seen them get physical, and last season almost pushed them there. I’m not sure if Marlo finally snatching her peach made her turn up slightly more to secure her spot for the next season. Or if she was just clocked in and ready to work. Either way, things between the pair really reached a boiling point. 

With the newest season just beginning, I hope their relationship has room for improvement. But, as we’ve seen in the previous seasons, Marlo tends to put her foot in her mouth. She’ll move two steps forward with someone only to take four backward. And by the sounds of her latest statements, that’s what she’s done. 

Kenya says Marlo needs to take her medication

It can’t be the Real Housewives without throwing a little shade. Or a lot. Recently, Marlo took some shots at Kenya when she spoke with Access Hollywood. During her appearance, she stated Kenya needed her for a “storyline” and also said she “loves everything” she does. 

“She admires me and she always talks about me so I know she loves me,” Marlo said. 

Hmm, taking Kenya’s lethal reads like “icon, not an ex-con,” as admiration is a funny way to look at it. But hey, I love Marlo just as much as I love Kenya, so if that’s her stance, I’ll stand beside her. 

However, per the shade assassin’s response to Marlo’s statements, she didn’t sound too pleased. After being asked how she felt about her co-stars’ comments during her Watch What Happens Live visit, the reality star reminded fans why she’s the shadiest of them all. 

“She needs to take her medication more often, regularly,” Kenya said before swiftly moving on. 

I mean, Kenya’s ability to read the girls while remaining unbothered is one of the things that makes her a top-tier Housewife. Although there wasn’t much action between them during Sunday’s episode, I’m eager to see how their relationship evolves throughout the season. 

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