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Marlo Hampton Explains Confusing Attack on Drew Sidora During Real Housewives of Atlanta

The ending of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 15 Episode 3 left everyone a little confused. First, everything seemed normal, or as normal as things can be on RHOA. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, as production for the day ended, Marlo Hampton completely lost it on Drew Sidora, leaving everyone at home stunned and puzzled.

Now that we’ve had a chance to digest the episode, Marlo has taken to social media to share her side of the story. With everyone at home looking at her with a side eye, she tried her hardest to clear things up about her big breakdown.

Marlo’s meltdown

In the episode, Marlo erupted on Drew after she tried initiating a conversation with Kandi Burruss about a shooting at Blaze Steak and Seafood. Kandi dodged the discussion with the finesse of a veteran Housewife, seemingly trying to keep the subject off the show.

Meanwhile, Marlo explained that she had a nephew who used to work at Kandi’s other restaurant, Old Lady Gang. Tragically, Marlo’s nephew died from gun violence. When she told Kandi about his passing, her response was cold and dry.

With that context, it makes sense that Marlo became frustrated with Kandi. The fact that Kandi immediately dug back at Marlo about her criminal past didn’t help. However, it made zero sense why Marlo got so incredibly mad at Drew at the end of the episode. Poor Drew looked directly into the camera like a deer caught in the headlights.

Marlo has now explained why Drew bringing up the shooting at Blaze triggered such an intense reaction. She shared a video on social media and claimed that the rest of the RHOA cast was afraid to bring up the shooting at Kandis’ restaurant.

Marlo explains it all

“Every single person was scared to bring it up,” Marlo explained. She proceeded to give Drew props for being the only one “with the courage” to mention the shooting. However, Marlo’s qualm with Drew was that she called it an “incident” rather than a “shooting.” Marlo felt like the passive language was, once again, an attempt to protect Kandi.

“Girl, this was on the news. There was a shooting at Kandi’s restaurant … but poor Drew was scared,” Marlo shared. She also added that Kenya Moore was on the sidelines trying to keep Drew from saying anything negative about “Queen Kandi.”

Marlo explained that the way Kandi tried avoiding the conversation about the Blaze shooting brought her right back to the time when her nephew was shot and killed. Although the two incidents were unrelated, Marlo found it to be triggering. That’s fair. Plus, it doesn’t sound like Marlo has fully forgiven Kandi for failing to acknowledge her nephew’s death.

“This is my friend,” Marlo said. “So if I call you and tell you my blood nephew, my sister’s firstborn, was shot and murdered, that used to work for you — he didn’t work for you ten years ago, he [had] just worked for you — and you’re not gonna say, ‘Girl, I’m gonna send flowers. I’m sorry to hear that, sis’ … How do you not acknowledge that?”

Ultimately, the real issue stands with Marlo and Kandi, not Marlo and Drew. Drew probably would have avoided getting caught in Marlo’s wrath had she left the event five minutes sooner. Either way, let’s stay tuned to see how Marlo’s big blow-up affects her place in the group.

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