Erika Jayne, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, RHOBH
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Erika Jayne’s ‘Friend’ Attorney Jim Wilkes Addresses Relationship Status

Erika Jayne has had a bit of bad luck when it comes to romance. Erika was once married to Tom Girardi, but the two filed for divorce in late 2020.

It came out later that same year that Thomas was being sued for alleged embezzlement of millions from his clients. Erika’s involvement in these alleged crimes is still debated to this day. With all that weighing down on her, Erika decided to head to Vegas for a new chapter. But drama quickly followed the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star (because of course it did).

Soon enough, Erika was spotted on what looked like a date with her friend and lawyer, Jim Wilkes. Erika was quick to address and shut down these rumors. But since many remained skeptical, Jim turned to the public to address things as well.

Jim sets the Erika record straight

First, when the rumors started circulating, Jim posted a photo on Instagram with his wife, captioned, “My wife and me. Having a nice moment.” Many commenters remained skeptical, with one joking, “Was the date that awful with Erika?” Another commenter warned, “Steer clear of that blood sucking EJ.”

So, Jim took it a step further and shared a few details with Page Six. He assured everyone that there was nothing romantic going on between him and the Bravo star and that his wife “loves Erika.” Jim even went further and said that his first wife, Melania, also loves Erika.

Jim also talked a bit about his relationship with Tom, saying how things had deteriorated a great deal leading up to his arrest. The things that led to the declining relationship were mostly Tom’s drinking and his issues with memory. In regard to Erika’s involvement with Tom’s crimes, Jim defends her vehemently.