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Bethenny Frankel Addresses ‘Stupid’ Rumor She Joined RHUGT

Bethenny Frankel is many things. She is a mom. Beth is a businessperson. And the Real Housewives of New York alum is now a DREAM KILLER. Even though Bethenny has been the one to watch for many years since leaving the show, many fans held out hope she would return to RHONY Legacy.

Those wishes were dashed when the Legacy series was killed and turned into a limited-episode Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Hardcore RHONY viewers still thought there might be a chance when the RHUGT Legacy cast was announced on Twitter with a bunch of apples that fell from a tree. Two mysterious apples remained in limbo and there was speculation we might get a super surprise on the trip. Bethenny spoke about the rumors on an episode of her ReWives podcast.

Thanks, but no thanks

This week, Bethenny stabbed everyone hoping we might get a glimpse of Ms. Mention it All on RHUGT directly in the heart. She said, “I am not in St. Barts. I did not go to St. Barts.”

But … but, we NEED Bethenny in St. Barts. Of course, this means the door might be open for Alex McCord – which would be lovely. Bethenny added she was “so flattered” to be “part of this conversation.” And why wouldn’t she be “part of the conversation?” Bethenny might not be on the show but she has a whole podcast dedicated to it.

“I have to thank you all and people that write this stuff that really want me to be there, I’m just actually genuinely flattered, like, thank you. I love that I’m someone that people really just think of as part of it,” she shared.

The rumors of Bethenny’s alleged attendance began when fans thought they spied her on one of Ramona Singer’s Instagram Stories. “I do often wear a hat and glasses, so everyone started saying that I was there, that I was going to St. Barts, and I didn’t correct immediately, because I was watching what was happening, because I wanted to see how far this stupid thing could go,” Beth explained.

That said, Bethenny agrees it would be a “great story” if she showed up to “surprise everybody” a la Jill Zarin. Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! “She was probably loving it but, in fairness to Jill, I was loving it, too. I thought it was really funny to be reading about this,” she concluded.

One extremely dedicated viewer even zoomed in on a fork to see if Bethenny’s reflection could be spotted. “I think that horse has left the farm, but I love being a part of the conversation. I am not in St. Barts,” she said.

And there you have it. Allegedly. Bethenny will not be a part of RHUGT Legacy, but she will definitely keep talking about all things Real Housewives.