Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice
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What Are the Chances That Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Will Squash Their Beef?

Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Season 13 ending was dark, as Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice engaged in their strongest battle of words to date. These sisters-in-law turned co-stars have been at each others throats for nearly two decades. When Melissa married Joe Gorga in 2004, Teresa began to feel that she was loosing her little brother to his new wife. Things really hit the fan when in Season 3, Melissa and Joe signed on to film for RHONJ alongside Teresa, who was a series OG. So what are the chances of a Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga reconciliation?

“You Guys Came on the Show To Take Me Down and Make Me Look Like a Villain.”

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Often fighting for his wife against his sister, Joe Gorga called Teresa “garbage” right off the bat during the Season 3 premiere, leading to a physical altercation between himself and Teresa’s then husband, Joe Giudice.

Teresa’s aggression towards Melissa was also felt right off of the bat. No longer the sole member of her family on television, Teresa felt that her family joined the cast only to take her down. Though Melissa denied this, Teresa ignored her rebuttal, labeling her sister a “gold-digger” who was in search of fame and deep pockets.

“She Brought Me Sprinkle Cookies!”

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A Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga reconciliation seemed possible in Season 3, when Melissa attempted peace. However, she failed miserably in what is now an iconic moment within the series. Bearing a tray filled with sprinkles cookies on Christmas, Melissa’s offering was immediately taken as a dis by Teresa. “I threw them in the garbage! You know what my favorite cookies are? Pignoli cookies” Teresa exclaimed.

In Teresa’s mind, Melissa’s gift was not a peace offering at all. Earlier, Melissa had written Teresa a note, congratulating her sister-in-law on her newly “redone” mansion. Somehow, Teresa felt that Melissa’s note poked fun of her renovation, putting her home down, as it was not built from the ground up.


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Following the mess that was Season 3, Season 4 brought on even heftier allegations. Here, Teresa accused Melissa of being a stripper many years prior. This rumor spread throughout the cast, but was coolly explained, as Melissa was just a bartender at the location.

When that rumor failed to discredit Melissa, Teresa then alleged that cheating had occurred. This default accusation would go on to occur multiple times further, even in the just-wrapped Season 13. Every single time, Melissa and Joe have treated this allegation as a joke.

Unfortunately, Season 4 did, however, show Teresa’s husband on the phone with an unknown caller. When rumors of his infidelity began to swirl, Melissa appeared ready to stand on Teresa’s side. However, Teresa shut down everyone’s concerns, angry that her marriage ended up being the one in the hot seat.

Luis Ruelas Enters the Ring

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The Guidices ended up divorcing after prison, with Teresa moving on to date a new man named Luis Ruelas. Louie rubbed the Gorgas the wrong way, and the fighting between the women began anew. Safe in new newly formed “love bubble,” Teresa again accused Melissa of cheating.

When Teresa and Luis married during Season 13, Melissa and Joe went to the beach instead. “How can I go and celebrate somebody else’s marriage when they are the people constantly trying to destroy mine” asked Melissa. “I don’t need to deal with toxic people that wanna bring me down, even if they come in the shape of your family.”

In response, Teresa focused on her brother’s absence only, saying, “My wedding was really devastating to me that he wasn’t there and right now, I’m focusing on my children and my husband. I need time to heal. I’m very heartbroken.”

Watching Melissa and Teresa’s heated volleys during Season 13 would give anyone whiplash, but nothing came close to touching the anger seen during the reunion. Before the reunion began, Teresa acknowledged the divide, saying Melissa would be “out of her life” post taping. During the reunion, Teresa’s accusations ramped up.

Teresa claimed that Melissa tipped off the FBI, which is how she and Joe Giudice landed in prison. Melissa denied this, then she and Joe accused Luis of hiring a PI to dig up information on the cast. To be fair, Luis himself claimed earlier this season that he had done exactly this, but denied it at the reunion, saying he wasn’t serious. Cue Teresa’s voice from confrontations gone wrong in the past, “It’s a joke. Funny. Hah. Hah.”

Next, Joe shot off that Teresa’s daughter, Gia Giudice, called him to say that her uncle could “do better” than Melissa. Teresa therefore called her daughter from the reunion stage to tell her side of the story, which was entirely different than Joe’s. “I called him regarding the wedding, saying that he should do the right thing,” Gia said, “that Nonna and Nonno are looking down on them and my mom wanted him to walk her down the aisle. I never told him that he could do better than my aunt Melissa.”

“You’re f**king disgusting. Disgusting!” Teresa yelled at her brother before running off the stage. When she returned, she looked to where Melissa sat, claiming, “She’s always wanted to keep my brother and I apart. She got her wish.”

If any fans are hoping for a Teresa and Melissa reconciliation, they should keep waiting, as the two Housewives have far too much toxic history to bury the hatchet.