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Teresa Giudice Says The Way Her Family Joined Real Housewives Was The “Worst Thing” That Ever Happened To Her

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has had a lot on plate her recently. Her husband, Joe Giudice, requested to return to Italy to await the final ruling in his bid to stay in the United States. An immigration judge ruled that Joe, who never became a United States citizen, should be deported to Italy after he completed his jail term for federal fraud charges. After being in ICE custody and losing his request for an appeal bond, Joe hopped a plane to Italy.

Teresa took her four daughters and made the trip to Italy to visit Joe. While their daughters looked ecstatic in photos and videos of the trip, Teresa looked detached and uncomfortable. She already made it clear that if Joe is deported, they would divorce. Of course, Bravo was filming to document all the awkwardness.

Bravo’s The Daily Dish reported that Teresa spilled some family tea during a live cooking demonstration at BravoCon. RHONJ co-star Dolores Catania was there when Teresa prepared steak pizzaiola using her mother’s recipe.  Teresa explained that she was not pleased when her brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife, Melissa Gorga, joined the cast in Season 3. “Well, unfortunately, that was the one sad thing for me throughout this whole show, not only the legal stuff, but the family stuff,” Teresa shared. “My family came on the show behind my back, and that was the worst thing that could have ever happened to me.” Really, Teresa? Worse than being in jail? Worse than all the legal trouble?

“That’s why I don’t speak to Kathy [Wakile] anymore. I’ll never speak to her or Rosie [Pierri] ever again because I don’t want family like that. But my brother and Melissa, for my parents, of course, I forgave them,” Teresa explained.

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During that infamous sit-down in Season 7 between Teresa, Kathy, and Rosie, Teresa told her cousins that she wanted to “cut the cancer out” of her life. In an interview with HollywoodLife, Kathy said that time has not mended their relationship. “No. She made her position quite clear,” Kathy stated. Kathy told HollywoodLife in another interview that she also has no relationship with Melissa, even though Melissa was very close with Kathy during the time that Melissa was fighting with Teresa.

Melissa and Joe Gorga feuded with Teresa during the earlier seasons of RHONJ. But the family has pulled together to deal with tough times, like the death of Joe and Teresa’s mother, and the legal issues in the Giudice family. According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Teresa said that while she and Melissa are “different,” that she is now “good” with Melissa.

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Then Teresa finally revealed the true story behind the legendary sprinkle cookies nightmare episode. “She came over Christmas Eve, she’s pregnant, she brings sprinkle cookies, you know, from like ShopRite– in the plastic container!” the Jersey Housewife stated. “Like if I go to Joe [Giudice]’s family, I’ll go to a bakery, not ShopRite.” Teresa was so horrified by this lapse in etiquette that she tried to explain to Melissa about how to bring dessert to family functions.

Teresa remarked, “So I told her nicely, I was like, ‘Next time, bring bakery cookies.'” Are sprinkle cookies really that bad? Asking for a friend. “So she made it into this whole f–king big deal, put it on Facebook, and she got Bravo’s attention. And the rest is history,” Teresa said.

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