David Beador, Shannon Beador
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David Beador Demands Estranged Wife Move Out of $15 Million Mansion

It seems like David Beador starts out strong and then fails miserably in his relationships. By the time Dave showed up on Real Housewives of Orange County as Shannon Storms Beador’s long-suffering husband, he was already on the way out of their marriage.

After David cheated on Shannon and turned her entire world upside down, he moved on with Lesley Cook. Dave and Lesley eventually tied the knot and had a child of their own. And then came the part where this marriage began to disintegrate as well. It’s gotten fairly ugly and our old pal restraining order has joined in on the fun. Now Dave wants Lesley OUT of his crib and he wants her gone ASAP. Radar has the details.

Is Lesley getting the heave-ho?

It’s a great day for Shannon because she no longer has to deal with this trifling mess. Can’t say the same thing for Lesley, but, we told you so! Amid their nasty divorce, David wants Lesley to vacate his premises without haste.

He has requested that the court force Lesley to comply with her “promise” that she would be out of the house by June 30. As for Lesley, she would like more time to get her ducks in a row and would prefer to move in September. She advised the judge David has multiple places to live and her staying wouldn’t impact his lifestyle.

Dave has also cut Lesley off financially and she has no credit card action happening. Lesley said she still had access to their joint checking account when she agreed to David’s initial terms. She claims after agreeing to pack her stuff and go, Dave closed the bank account and shut off her damn credit cards.

Legal docs show Lesley wants $32k a month in support and another $10k to help with the moving process. David responded by objecting to reinstate the credit cards. Additionally, David said there was a pre-nup Lesley approved with $10k every 4 weeks in support. He also paid her $40k ahead of time as part of the agreement.

Allegedly Lesley demanded more than the agreed amount and additional time before she moved out. David’s motion stated, “It is clear that Lesley will say or do anything that will prolong her rent-free continued use of a $15 million home in Laguna Beach.” Mr. Generous also said he offered to pay Lesley off if she would return her G-Wagon, but so far she is keeping that ride.

David feels Lesley continues to “hold the threat of public humiliation” over his head as a “means to extract more money.” The judge has yet to rule.