Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann on Watch What Happens Live
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Kroy Biermann Tells Police Kim Zolciak Gambled and Lost $1.5 Million

You win some and you lose some. According to Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak lost quite a lot. Plenty of inside info is coming out about the former Real Housewives of Atlanta duo in the wake of released police footage.

First, we’ve seen Kim concerned about Kroy’s mental health. Then we saw Kim mad that Kroy hadn’t had a job in seven years. Now we have something from Kroy’s POV. Disclaimer, these videos are from May 2023 prior to the couple’s reconciliation this month. While they may be back together, their issues don’t look like publicity stunts. Radar has the details.

“She has decimated everything”

It looks like Kim and Kroy are so out of money, they can’t divorce because it’s too expensive. One trip to church and getting along for a few days maneuvered into deciding to stay together. But their troubles are clearly far from over.

In a video from a police response to Kim and Kroy’s home, the former NFL star had some things to get off his chest. He told an officer Kim is a “narcissist to the extreme level.” In all fairness to Kim, she’s never really hidden who she is.

Additionally, Kroy said she’s a “compulsive behavior addict” and she “decimated” his life savings. At some point, both of these people need to grow up and show some accountability. Kim knew Kroy didn’t have a job when he was her chauffeur and Kroy knew Kim’s deal when he was driving her to casinos.

The clip shows Kroy and Kim arguing after he was told to get the stuff he locked up out of their safe. In a solo convo with Kroy, the officer wanted to know how long they’d been living in Messy Town.

$1.5 million down the drain, allegedly

Kroy sang like a canary. “It’s probably been going on for pretty much our entire marriage and it’s gotten significantly worse,” he replied. “In the last two years, she’s gambled away $700,000 — just in the last two-and-a-half years. The total in the marriage was about $1.5 million dollars — and she does it online,” he added.

“The problem is these are the assets (he waves around her closet), there are no assets to go to (inaudible). She has decimated everything,” Kroy continued. And in the epitome of what in the actual f*ck, Kroy said they still slept in the same bed. But it’s okay because he didn’t “engage with her.”

Currently, Kim and Kroy are working on their marriage for the sake of their children.