How Luann and Sonja Are The Modern Day Laverne and Shirley

Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan
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Throughout the ages, there have been numerous comedic pairs, including Lucy and Ricky, Abbott and Costello, and Fred and Barney. But try to name a more comedic duo in the last ten years; go ahead, we will wait. Still, thinking? Welcome to Crappie Lake‘s Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps are, without a doubt, comedy gold for Bravo. Luann starred in Real Housewives of New York City since Season 1, with Sonja joining for Season 3.

Alone, each woman got up to their own antics. However, together both moms shined as they were able to bounce off one another with silly jokes. Initially, Luann came across as unrelatable thanks to her Countess title. The former nurse often tried to school her co-stars in etiquette classes and acted holier than thou—boring!

On the other hand, Sonja lived off her Morgan surname, even though she was divorced from John Adams Morgan for years after joining the Bravo franchise.

As viewers learned more about each TV personality, Sonja and Luann won fans over. Bravo gave them a second chance after recasting RHONY in favor of a younger group of women. 

Ladies of Comedy

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A spin-off of Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley centered around two best friends who worked as bottle-cappers at Shotz Brewery in the 1950s. While there may be some gap in years, Luann and Sonja actually are a lot like the fictional characters played by famed actors Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams.

Like their Real Housewives counterparts, Laverne and Shirley often performed a lot of physical comedy. For her part, Sonja often finds herself in desperate need to relieve her gas and is prone to farting on screen. Sonja also doesn’t mind dancing on mirrored tables, even though the odds of breaking it are high. Not to mention the time the socialite showed off her chipped tooth from ripping a man’s button off his shirt. 

Thanks to her classy demeanor, Luann comes across as a bit funnier when she has a drink or two. Who could forget the time during Season 9 when she became so intoxicated that she found herself making a new home in a bush outside her hotel room? Luann’s personalized sound effects and lanky limbs made the moment even more like slapstick humor. 

Sonja and Luann Are Best Friends

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Just like Laverne and Shirly, the former stars of Real Housewives of New York City are also best friends. The two women have known one another for over two decades and often joke that they’re an old married couple. Their new show, Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake, will highlight some crazy town chores that they will be expected to perform, like sewage cleaning and noodling. The blue-collar work mimics the 1950s show that highlighted what it was like to have a job in a factory.

Their hijinks will not only be the talk of the town but also of the Big Apple, as Bravo cameras watch Luann grab a catfish from its hiding hole and Sonja claim she is organized chaos while running around her hotel room. Together, Sonja and Luann can accomplish almost anything, with the mayor of Benton, Illinois, putting a lot of faith in the two reality stars.

Men Flock to the Real Housewives

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Laverne and Shirley had their friends and neighbors, Leonard “Lenny” Kosnowsk and Andrew “Squiggy” Squiggman. Even though there wasn’t much romance reciprocated between the two greasers, both fictional women definitely could catch an eye or two from eligible bachelors. Now, Sonja and Luann have never been hard up for a date in their lives. 

Luann also has had her fair share of flings as she, too, is a worldwide dater. Luann was married to Count Alexander de Lesseps, Tom D’Agostino, and dated French boyfriend, Jacques Azoulay. But her most entertaining moments have been when she has been single, especially when she tries to have a one-night stand with a St. Barts pirate and then tries to deny it; such a faux pas.

Sonja is a self-proclaimed playgirl who loves to date and play the field. The blonde doesn’t have much of a no-no list, as she has dated American, French, and English men. Sonja’s motto is to give everyone an equal chance of impressing her. Sonja has dated multiple men in her lifetime, including Billy Idol, Jack Nicholson, and even famed tennis pro John McEnroe.

After the premiere of Welcome to Crappie Lake, Sonja is already hinting, via Page Six Virtual Reali-Tea that she had sex with a truck driver and popped her lipo stitches. If this isn’t comedy gold for reality TV, then we don’t know what is.