Kim Zolciak
(Photo by J. Kempin/Getty Images for Extra)

Kim Zolciak’s Friends ‘Annoyed’ Following Divorce and Reconciliation Drama

Now this is some news I can get behind. Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann have been subjecting their kids to ridiculous antics behind the scenes for weeks. They’ve had nasty fights and called the cops to their residence multiple times.

In addition to their tantrums, the couple managed to lose most of their money. Be it from gambling or not having a job, either way you look at it, Kimbo and Kroy are livin’ la vida broka. When Kim started going through these trying times, she called on her friends for support. Now those friends are side-eyeing Kim for returning to the scene of the crime. Radar has the details.

Everyone is annoyed at Kim

Did Kim cry wolf? It’s hard to say what’s truly going on with the Real Housewives of Atlanta alums. After alerting the media that they will never reconcile and basically hate each other, one magic trip to church changed everything. Now Kim’s friends need a moment after dropping everything to stand up for her.

One insider close to the situation shared, “Everyone is beyond annoyed because she made such a huge deal and acted like Kroy was the devil.” Kroy was the devil. But he was a weed-smoking devil (allegedly), and not safe to be around their kids, from what Kim was previously saying.

The source added, “She had everyone in her life drop everything to support her and listen to her complaints day and night — and suddenly she’s going back to him!” At one point, during a law enforcement response to their home, Kim had a friend on speaker phone who co-signed Kim’s theory that Kroy wasn’t of sound mind.

Now, of course, no one really knows what to think because Kim and Kroy are back together. So after weeks of telling her buddies Kroy may or may not have NFL-related brain trauma, won’t get a job, too much reefer, locks up her stuff, and numerous other unsavory qualities – she gets back with him overnight.

I can definitely see where her friends have thoughts. Currently, Kim and Kroy are trying to mend their marriage without the aid of professional help. The couple have stated they have turned to the Lord. The Lord would prefer to remain far away from this narrative.