Real Housewives of Orange County
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Gina Kirschenheiter Says Heather Dubrow Is ‘Chasing’ Friendship With Tamra Judge

Dear Gina Kirschenheiter, if you don’t stop, Heather Dubrow won’t let you in the new LA manse she just bought. Real Housewives of Orange County star Gina has a lot of opinions on her co-stars and she’s pretty much sharing all of them.

At one point Gina thought Heather was the bee’s knees because they are both from New Yawk, but I guess that isn’t going her way anymore. Heather and Gina might not be besties because Gina is now accusing Fancy Pants of “chasing” a friendship with Tamra Judge. So, is she jealous, or is she right?

The battle over Tammy Sue and Fancy Pants’ friendship

Gina appeared on an episode of HollywoodLife’s Pay Attention, Puh-Lease! podcast and let loose on Heather. Drama headed their way when the cast went to Montana.

Gina told Heather Tamra might have made fun of her acting credits along with Taylor Armstrong. When Fancy Pants confronted Tammy Sue, she clocked Gina as the snitch. Also, does Gina not understand how this show works by now?

Obviously, this had Gina thinking Heather was “chasing” a friendship with Tamra. “They do have a long history together and I think Heather would’ve expected to have been one of her [Tamra’s] primary friends. It’s not like I’m faulting Heather for wanting something that’s reasonable. If it’s not happening, you gotta let it go,” Gina said.

Okay, but it does sound like she’s faulting Heather for wanting a reasonable friendship with Tamra. That said, does anyone have a reasonable friendship with Tamra?

“I’m not so catty and petty that I’m gonna go and cry about that [Heather’s friendship with Tamra], but it just was a bad look for Heather, honestly,” Gina added. Meow! Additionally, Gina confessed Heather “got under my skin a lot this season.”

“I felt that Heather was choosing to keep her eyes closed on that. She [Heather] was basically like, ‘I asked her [Tamra] if she was mean to me about my career. She said no,’” Gina explained. This didn’t sit well with Gina because Heather was going by her 10-year relationship with Tamra and not siding with her. Back in my day, this was called jealousy.

Gina continued, “[Heather said] I have to take that at face value because she’s my friend.’ I understand that. What she didn’t have to do was go and tell Tamra the things that I was saying to try and help her as a friend after telling me I wasn’t being a good friend to her. At that point, I was out.”

Then Gina admitted to feeling “validated” once Tamra was caught busting on Heather’s IMDB. “I was waiting for it. I was very confident.” Meow again!

Time for positivity!

Now Gina is all about being “positive.” “I’m always in the spirit of moving forward and staying positive. But you can’t control other people.”

“I feel like Heather struggled this season, I feel like she was chasing something that she shouldn’t have been chasing. [And] despite her efforts to try and redirect that, she’s a grown woman and she’s gonna do what she wants to do and she did. I don’t think it was in her best interest but maybe it’s a learning lesson,” Gina concluded.

Sure Jan, whatever you say! Real Housewives of Orange County continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.