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Porsha Williams ‘Respects’ Bethenny Frankel’s Calls for Reality TV Stars To Strike

Porsha Williams is 100% here for Bethenny Frankel trying to unionize reality TV stars. 

Porsha, who just had runs on Peacock’s Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and Fox’s Stars on Mars, is no newbie to reality TV. In addition to those two specials, Porsha starred on the Real Housewives of Atlanta from Season 5 until Season 13. It took her a little bit to get into it, but Porsha became an integral part of RHOA

Today, she’s taking a break from the show; however, that’s not to say she won’t return. But if that door ever swings back open, Porsha hopes the new contract secures her a few extra checks in the mail. Entertainment Tonight has the details. 

In response to whether she agrees with what Bethenny is trying to do for reality stars, the Stars on Mars contestant said she does. 

Porsha is team Bethenny

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“I can respect a lot of what Bethenny had to say, actually. Why would I have any problem with her speaking up for reality stars?” she asked. “I just would want some of the reality stars who are currently doing that job to speak up.”

Bethenny shared something similar in her earlier videos. She urged current reality stars to stop filming until they’re given a fair contract. 

“But I don’t know if that’s gonna happen. Because the sad part about it is when you are signed to those contracts, when you have signed away your likeness, you are fighting an uphill battle while being famous,” Porsha continued.

“Some people who are smart are trying to build a brand like Bethenny, trying to build a brand like me, and it’s hard to see your way out of that because [on] some of the shows, the drama is about your bad points.”

Summer House star Hannah Berner recently said that reality stars are abused for content. But according to her statements, producers downplay how harmful it can be because of the exposure.   

“I think the execs will say that it’s a great platform. That you can build a business, you can be famous. But on the other hand, unlike the Kardashians, most reality stars do not have power over editing,” Porsha added.

“You do not know if your sound bite is gonna be played at a certain point of the scene, which can affect the scene and affect you being shown in a different light.”