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Kim DePaola Predicts Bad Season of RHONJ for Luis Ruelas

Kim DePaola has never been on the official cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey, but she’s received icon status anyway. This is a woman who has zero fear and she is at her best when conflict is served.

You might say Teresa Giudice’s husband Luis Ruelas is a bit like Kim D. Neither will back off and both have a seemingly unnatural attachment to Teresa. After Luis’ “interesting” Season 13 performance, Kim thinks Luis might have a rough road ahead. She explained her thoughts on David Yontef’s podcast, Behind The Velvet Rope.

Kim D has entered the chat!

Tre fans might not be happy about what Kim has to say, but they rarely are.

According to Kim, things are about to get dodgy for Luis ahead of Season 14. Not for nothing, she might be right. The entire cast is coming back and a renewed contract might lead to a renewed sense of fight for some.

Luis wound up having difficult relationships with several of the RHONJ crew. Not only will he have to avoid the searing gaze of Joe and Melissa Gorga, but he was also at odds with Frank Catania and Margaret Josephs. Then he managed to ruffle John Fuda’s feathers as well.

“I don’t think it’s going to be good for Luis,” Kim said. Basically, she thinks the anti-Teresa camp will be red hot and raring to go after the filming break. “Because they got away with what happened on that stage [at the RHONJ season 13 reunion], a lot of them, like Margaret, was shaking in her boots.”

Kim added, “Okay, they were all, like, a little nervous. I believe that now they are going to come back with a little bit more gumption and I think it’s going to be a good season.” Obviously that’s what fans want, a good season. PLEASE.

He’s gold, baby

Additionally, Kim thinks “Luis is reality gold.” Which he is, no doubt about it, despite the chaotic evil vibe he sometimes emits. Kim reckons Luis is completely unbothered by the Gorga feud or much of anything, really.

“He doesn’t care, because he’s so out there like he don’t even see the bigger picture like he doesn’t understand the depth of all of this, he doesn’t understand that he’s not the Teflon Don,” Kim added.

She continued, “He doesn’t understand that they will go after him, huge. Huge, he doesn’t get it, he’s not used to this, he doesn’t get it. So he’s not even mad.” I feel like she’s saying ignorance is bliss.

Filming hasn’t started in New Jersey but cameras are supposed to go up in August. We’ll have to wait and see if Kim D’s predictions come true.