Jessel Taank
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Jessel Taank Reveals Early Real Housewives of New York Regrets

Real Housewives of New York Season 14 has been, if nothing else, fascinating. It’s always interesting to see newbies join the reality TV sphere for the first time. The RHONY soft reboot gave audiences the unique experience of seeing six newbies enter all at once.

It’s almost like watching an up-and-coming sports team with an entirely new batch of players. The fans all together get to decide who to root for and who they want back next season. Among these is Jessel Taank, whom some fans adore. Others, however, might say she’s trying too hard.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live episode, Jessel got the opportunity to play Do You Regret It!? Andy Cohen pointed out that the game is often reserved for Housewives veterans, but “Jessel has already racked up enough drama” in just five episodes to play. Andy went through a few of Jessel’s actions on the show and asked if she regretted them.

Jessel (mostly) stands by her actions

First up was the lingerie incident. Jenna Lyons gifted all her costars a piece of clothing, but Jessel did not take kindly to the green piece she received, saying it made her look like “a Christmas tree.” On WWHL, Jessel said, “I really do [regret it]. I mean, I should put myself in Jenna’s shoes … She’s so thoughtful. I regret it.”

As to whether she regretted claiming she hadn’t had sex since the twins were born, Jessel said, “No, because look, I mean … that was the case at the time.” And in other statements, there was the time Jessel said she had a popsicle up her “hoo-ha.” Jessel commented, “I don’t regret that, but I do regret Ubah googling it and telling me that the doctors were saying that it was unsafe.”

She continued, “It’s not like I walk down the street and stick it up my, you know.” She let out a resounding “No!” when asked if she regretted calling the ladies cackling hags. She also suggested Erin Lichy doesn’t support women, but on reflection, she said, “I think that was definitely misconstrued. I felt in the moment she wasn’t supporting me, but … I respect her a lot.”

Andy then reminded Jessel that she said Tribecca was an “up-and-coming neighborhood.” She laughed and said, “I mean, there’s nothing but dirt there right now, right?” And when it came to complaining about Erin’s lack of heat and wifi, Jessel defended her stance by saying, “Basic human necessities.”

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