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Lisa Rinna ‘Dead to Bravo’ After Encouraging BravoCon Boycott, Claims Insider

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Lisa Rinna blessed Bravo for eight seasons with her picking and pot-stirring. Unfortunately, she wound up on the wrong side of fans after it seemed like her only role on RHOBH was producing herself.

Lisa has said she has no regrets and Andy Cohen was clearly leaving the Bravo door open after her departure. She’s always had a good relationship with the network and to be fair, Rinna knows how to play the game. Until now, it seems. Recently Rinna boarded the strike train and called for Bravolebrities to boycott BravoCon. Now according to reports via Radar, thanks to Rinna’s mouth, Bravo might have closed the door.


Seems like there’s no need for Ken Todd on this one because Bravo is dishing the dirt themselves. Allegedly. Rinna may or may not be dining on sour grapes this week because her lips did the talking and put her foot in her mouth.

Insiders are saying Bravo is pissed at Rinna’s call for folks to sit out of BravoCon. “Lisa is dead to Bravo. She is literally biting the hand that feeds her. You didn’t hear Lisa demanding a strike when she was collecting a Bravo paycheck,” the source shared.

Oof, she sounds… angry. The insider continued, “This is sour grapes because she is no longer a Real Housewife and she wasn’t invited to participate in this year’s convention.”

That said, Rinna’s reps say that’s all a bunch of hogwash. They say there are “no sour grapes at all.” Additionally, they explained, “This was based solely on the principles of the matter surrounding the discussion of unionizing.” Listen that’s both hunky and dory but the fact of the matter is she wasn’t complaining when she was employed.

The warning …

Apparently, Rinna is being “warned” to keep her trap shut if she ever wants to see the inside of a Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. No one wants a whole network with a grudge aimed their way. A television exec stated, “Don’t forget Bravo is part of a much bigger company. When you mess with one of the channels, you’re messing with them all.”

Which basically means she can kiss anything in the NBCUniversal family goodbye. The TV source also quipped, “If Lisa ever wants to be on Access Hollywood, E! or the Today show ever again, she should shut her mouth.”

At this time, Lisa Vanderpump has not been blamed for Bravo allegedly ditching Rinna. Stay tuned.