Ariana Madix
(Photo by: Ralph Bavaro/BRAVO via Getty Images)

Ariana Madix Announces New Book, Single AF Cocktails: ‘My Story, Told Through Drinks’

A good recipe book can be made even better by a good story. But we’ve all seen the memes where the story takes a little too long to get to the recipe, so it’s a risky move. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping Ariana Madix from giving it a try.

Vanderpump Rules viewers are undoubtedly well aware of Rachel Leviss’ interview with Bethenny Frankel. The interview was touted as the opportunity for Rachel to finally speak and give her account.

Most fans have been waiting for other VPR cast members to respond. And while Ariana has yet to respond directly, she may have just made the most hilariously well-timed announcement in the history of Pump Rules.

Ariana shares her complete side of the story

She prefaced the announcement by saying, “These last few months have been a whirlwind and though I’m in a better place now, having my personal devastation unfold so publicly was painful … But now is the time that I’m fully telling my side of the story.” This comes in the wake of Rachel ‘telling her side of the story’ on Bethenny’s podcast.

She explained, “Each cocktail tells part of the story of what happened, in my own words. From our happy honeymoon phase, the early issues in our relationship, to when everything broke, and finally, making it out the other side, stronger than before.” She also added the book is “a thank you” to family and her other many supporters.

She said that above all, she wrote the book “because I heard from so many of you that you could put yourself in my shoes. I wanted to share my side of it to help anyone who has also gone through this heartbreak … my wish is that if any of you relate to this story at all, you’ll feel less alone.” She also promised that “the drinks are as good as the stories.”

The fan response to Ariana’s new book

Ariana’s primary goal with her post was encouraging her fans to preorder, and based on the comments, she was successful. Many users voiced their support and their intentions to preorder, with one writing, “Preorder done! That’s how you turn pain into art.” Indeed, the VPR cast will continue to profit off of Scandoval for a while.

Other commenters voiced their support and expressed high expectations for the book. One fan wrote, “I know ‘Le drowning clown’ ‘worlds worst karaoke singer’ and ‘subhuman’ are not the names of the cocktails, but I feel like we should create a recipe for those too.” Another responded, “and a tequila based shot called ‘worm with a mustache.’”

Fellow Pump Rules cast members were also in the comments, voicing high praise. Scheana Shay simply wrote, “A TRUE QUEEN,” with Ariana replying, “A P P L E S ???!!!❤️❤️” James Kennedy also popped up in the comments to write, “Dammmmmn”

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 is expected to air in early 2024 on Bravo.