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Morgan Wade Shuts Down ‘Dumb’ Kyle Richards Relationship Rumors

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards finally found her storyline and she’s named Morgan Wade. Poor Morgan was pretty much plucked from country music and relative anonymity when Kyle slid into her DMs.

Unfortunately for Morgan, Kyle is also experiencing some issues in her 27-year marriage to Mauricio Umansky. Allegedly. Kyle began parading around with Morgan and allowing the media to speculate on their relationship. Now Morgan wants to silence the “dumb” rumors. People has the details.

We want privacy, but here’s an exclusive …

Two years ago, Kyle shared Morgan’s songs on her Insta Story and the rest is scripted history. Morgan had previously been living her life and minding her own business until her business became EVERYONE’S business, thanks to Kyle.

“The only reality television I watched was 90 Day Fiancé and I had to stop watching because it put me in such a bad mood because I get so irritated at these people,” Morgan said. “But I had never watched the Real Housewives at all.”

But one of Morgan’s buddies told her all about RHOBH and probably mentioned Kyle isn’t a total nutcase, because Mo then replied to her message. Apparently, the two became fast friends after the interaction.

Morgan began showing up regularly on Kyle’s Instagram and she started taking girls’ trips with KyKy as well. When news dropped about Kyle and Mauricio allegedly separating, all eyes were on Morgan. That said, when questioned, Kyle did nothing to squelch the rumors of a possible hookup.

Now Morgan is shutting it all down. Despite the video she and Kyle released for a song where they are putting food all over each other and experimenting with the fine art of public manipulation. Learned from Lisa Vanderpump, no doubt (she said sarcastically).

“We’re friends. The Internet’s a dumb place,” Morgan shared. Sure, Jan, but weren’t you in that video?

Rumor mill aside, the two appear to have a solid friendship. Kyle helped Morgan out with some pre-cancer concerns and then Kyle had the brilliant idea of filming Morgan for a documentary. Because you know, cancer talk and a directing credit for Kyle go hand in hand.

“She helped me connect with some really good surgeons. We were talking about that and then she had the idea of us doing a documentary and following all this stuff, so we’ve been out and about. She’s just really been there for me with all that,” Morgan added.

Friends, but good friends

Despite being thrust into the spotlight, she enjoys Kyle immensely. “It’s just been such a great friendship. I know that if Kyle vouches for you, you’re a good person.” Someone check on John Mellencamp’s daughter.

Morgan continued, “She’s extremely smart when it comes to business and how to mentally ignore shit. The thing about Kyle is people see her on reality television, but I’ve got to meet her outside of that, and I don’t watch the show so it’s not like I’m seeing this perspective of her.”

“I’ve seen her in real life and she’s been such a great person to have in my corner to help me navigate stuff. I didn’t have anybody like that, and all this stuff was so new to me.” Sounds to me like Kyle is maybe more of a maternal figure to Morgan. Except for, you know, the video stuff.

Don’t fret, Morgan will show up on the program she never watches. Kyle confirmed she has filmed for the new season of RHOBH which we’ll hopefully see in Fall 2023.