Best One-and-Done Below Deck Crew Members

Alex Radcliffe
(Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The Below Deck franchise has become a revolving door of yachties. Each season, new crew members are hired to man the vessels found on each of the five Below Deck shows. Staple cast members can also be seen throughout, aiding with familiarity on their given series.

Over the years, dozens of skilled crew members have disappeared following only one season on-air. Many of these individuals existed without plane tickets home or hints of problematic behaviors. In spite of these things, a return for round two never arrived.

To be clear, one-season wonders Josiah Carter and Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran were loved by many, but a lot of viewers found Josiah’s image broken following bullying accusations between himself, Kate Chastain, and Caroline Bedol. Furthermore, Kiko was skilled, but he was also dumbly fired, failing to last an entire season.


In honor of the missed yachties with excellent showings and a full-seasons’ contract kept, here are the best one-and-done Below Deck crew members thus far. Oh, if you’re looking for Tumi Mhlongo from Below Deck Down Under Season 1, we don’t blame you, but she might not be done, as rumors state she’s reappearing on the next season of Below Deck Mediterranean!

Connie Arias – Below Deck Season 3

Captain Lee Rosbach/Instagram

Connie Arias was a deckhand on Below Deck Season 3. Throughout her run, Connie remained drama free while working hard and maintaining friendships with everyone onboard. Don’t mistake her for boring though, as Connie’s love for whipped cream and peanut butter bikinis made for a great time during the various nights off.

In conclusion, we find Connie to be one of the best one-and-done Below Deck crew members.

Emily Warburton-Adams – Below Deck Season 4


Emily Warburton-Adams appeared on Below Deck Season 4. No matter what, she was never seen slacking on her job responsibilities. Equally important, Emily engaged in an incredibly sweet relationship with Chef Ben Robinson, who nervously presented Emily with her first bouquet of flowers ever.

For her polished British mannerisms, high work ethics, and her touching scenes, Emily has earned a spot as one of the best one-and-done Below Deck crew members.

Courtney Skippon – Below Deck Season 7

Courtney Skippon/Instagram

Courtney Skippon worked as a stew underneath Kate on Below Deck Season 7. She worked hard and became close with Kate quickly. When joking about how much she loathed jobs while petting all of the dock dogs in sight, Courtney’s relatable energy shone.

Unfortunately, her season saw the misogynistic bru crew form. At the reunion, Courtney verbally ran circles around the men, including host Andy Cohen, exposing their pernicious behaviors. As she was admirably composed, skillfully articulate, and hysterically relatable, we are listing Courtney as one of the best one-and-done Below Deck crew members.

Wes O’Dell – Below Deck Season 9

Wesley O’Dell/Instagram

Wesley “Wes” O’Dell was a deckhand on Below Deck Season 9. His screen time wasn’t huge, as he was so laid back that drama hardly seemed to follow. In the few stressful situations seen, Wes remained calm while articulating his feelings, even whilst on the defense. He truly cared about his job and everyone on board.

Obviously, we believe that the even-keeled Wes is one of the best one-and-done Below Deck crew members around.

Julia d’ Albert Pusey – Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1

Julia d’ Albert Pusey/Instagram

Julia d’ Albert Pusey was a stew underneath Hannah Ferrier on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1. I can still hear her accent when saying “Bob-ay” to Bobby Giancola… Their flirtations made this first season fun to watch, as it added drama of a light nature. Julia was also great at her job, working well with Hannah and all parties involved.

Though now married and expecting a child, we’d love to see Julia return, as we felt that her fun-loving spirit made her one of the best one-and-done Below Deck crew members ever.

Jack Stirrup – Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4

Jack Stirrup/Instagram

Jack Stirrup was a deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. He was comically fun, and his boatmace with Aesha Scott was adorable. To be fair, Jack had a rough start, but after a swift verbal kick in the pants from Bosun João Franco, Jack’s work ethic saw significant improvements.

To this end, Jack needs another season. He was truly a fun one-and-done Below Deck crew member.

Anastasia Surmava – Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4

Anastasia Surmava/Instagram

Like Jack, Anastasia Surmava starred on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4. Following the firing of Chef Mila Kolomeitseva, Anastasia stepped up to lead the galley. She was also wise enough to know when it was time to step back down. Additionally, her friendships with Hannah and Aesha made for many fun scenes.

For her team player mentality, we are including Anastasia on our list of best one-and-done Below Deck crew members.

Alex Radcliffe – Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5

Alex Radcliffe/Instagram

Alex Radcliffe started as a deckhand on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5, but his solid work ethic quickly brought about a promotion to lead deckhand. Apart from his skilled showing, Alex was also respectful of his crush, Bugsy Drake, never pressuring the stew into more than she desired.

For his kindness, heart, and skills, Alex’s spot on this list of best one-and-done Below Crew members has been secured.

Byron Hissey – Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1

Byron Hissey/Instagram

Byron Hissey was the only good thing found in Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 1 (fine, Madison Stalker was great as well, but the drama in her department made her scenes often hard to watch). As for Byron, his role as the Chief Engineer saw him avoiding all of the drama. In contrast, he was one of the first to arrive when boat-related issues would occur.

In short, Byron Hissey is a great example of a best one-and-done Below Crew member.

Kelsie Goglia – Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3

Kelsie Goglia/Instagram

Kelsie Goglia was able to stay calm under pressure while working as a deckhand on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3. Similar to Wes, her drama-free personality meant less time on-air, but when she was on the screen, her chill attitude and hilarious one-liners were like a breath of fresh air.

Kelsie was an unproblematic queen who stepped in to help everyone. She is therefore clearly deserving of a spot as one of the best one-and-done Below Crew members.