Drew Sidora, Courtney Rhodes
Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Drew Sidora Hints Courtney Rhodes May Have Been Ralph Pittman’s Side Chick

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have wondered for a long time about Courtney Rhodes. She claimed to be Ralph Pittman’s cousin, but that claim was dubious at best. She was so fishy that the first question she received at the reunion was how she was related to Ralph.

Fans had plenty of theories about Courtney. And as Drew Sidora’s biggest opposing force alongside Ralph, viewers truly loved to hate the “cousins.” Drew certainly didn’t have it easy at the reunion with the two ganging up on her.

The chummy nature between Courtney and Ralph made certain theories stronger, especially once it was confirmed the two weren’t blood-related. Even a particular hug during the reunion’s second half set off alarm bells for many who were watching. And it looked as though Drew was also hearing some alarms.

Drew raises suspicions over Ralph and Courtney

Drew took to Twitter during the reunion’s second part on September 10. She wrote, “I’m really intrigued on how Courtney is having [Ralph’s] back & now so close … kinda makes sense she lived in Tampa.” The implication is, of course, that Courtney was living in Tampa as Ralph’s mistress.

Replies to Drew’s tweet agreed with her but also insinuated that she’d taken far too long to finally realize this. Fans had speculated for a long time that Ralph and Courtney were hooking up. As one Twitter user wrote in reply to Drew, “Not you finally waking up.”

But also among the Twitter replies was an overwhelming voice of support and sympathy. One user replied, “I am sorry you have been thru so much. You deserve so much better and I wish you and your family the most love.” Another wrote, “Keep looking up, sis! We’ve seen the tables turn many times on this show!”