Is Tom Sandoval Diver on The Masked Singer?

Diver Masked Singer
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Even in the aftermath of Scandoval, Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval is making his bad-boy bravado work for him. Like Ariana Madix, Tom is making sure to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame. While he may not be getting endorsement after endorsement like his scorned lover, Tom has branched out to a few other outlets.

Along with performing in his band, Tom has participated in Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, a spin-off of Britain’s SAS: Who Dares Wins. But has Tom thrown his ring into Fox’s most beloved show, The Masked Singer? We think so!

Masked Singer Clue 1

Masked Singer/YouTube

A new and elaborate costume was revealed in a promo for the upcoming season of The Masked Singer. Diver stepped out in a gold brass antique deep sea scuba diver helmet complete with a friendly orange octopus attached. The costume could easily have been a hint at Tom’s former stint on the military show with Navy Seals serving as staff. In the promo package, Diver noted, “Usually, I’m pretty pumped, but lately, I’ve been lost in the abyss.” 

It wasn’t hard to guess that the mystery voice could be Tom’s, especially after his shout-out to Vanderpump Rules. Not only is “pumped” a hint at the bar owned by Lisa Vanderpump, but the term also explains his over-the-top enthusiasm for almost everything. Honestly, these clues are a bit on the nose with no originality to them. But if Fox wasn’t planning on Tom making it far in the vocal competition, it makes sense they would want fans to have a fighting chance to guess who he is. 

Masked Singer Clue 2

Tom Sandoval, Vanderpump Rules
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As Diver continued his clue package, the familiar voice went on to say, “I might be the most hated creature in the ocean right now.” Again, there isn’t anyone out there who could take away Tom’s villain label, no matter how hard they tried. Tom was revealed to be having a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss, which upset fans. During the reunion, he gaslit both Ariana and Rachel, leaving no love for him when it came to former fans. 

Viewers tried to boycott his band gigs and even petitioned to have him fired from Vanderpump Rules for filming Rachel while she masturbated without her consent. Trolls have made it their life’s mission to constantly call out Tom for his sketchy ways, and it has been hard for the reality TV star to live a normal life above the water’s edge. 

Masked Singer Clue 3

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The next clue had Diver telling fans, “Usually you can find me under the sea, but for this clue, you’ll have to look to the sky.” After the tease, Diver uncovered a picture of a cardinal, which had the judges stumped.

Even though Tom now lives in Valley Village, the former model was born and raised in St Louis, MO. Tom even graduated from Hazelwood West High School, too, so his roots are firmly planted in the state. To loyal Bravo fans, the clue made sense, as Tom is an avid supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals. During their affair, he also made several trips back to St. Louis with Rachel. 

Masked Singer Clue 4

Tom Sandoval
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Diver also had some pretty famous traits of the TomTom co-owner. Not only did the underwater creature do the same cringey body roll and use the same dance moves that Tom uses on stage, but the words and cadence of speech were spot on, even down to the enthusiastic finger point at the end of the video and the stupid arm dance.

Tom was also pictured with a guitar, and any Vanderpump Rules fan knows that Tom LOVES his instruments. Earlier seasons showed him mastering the trumpet (yeah, right), with Tom choosing to also learn how to play the guitar as the lead singer of Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras.

Diver has yet to perform, but odds are good that he won’t last long, especially in a competition stacked with talent. The mystery voice will most likely pick a rock song from the 80s to debut his vocals. Tom has stayed mum on social media, probably thinking no one would ever figure out it is him.