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Taylor Ann Green Explains Decision To Send Whitney Sudler-Smith a Nude

Southern Charm Season 9 is back and things are hot and heavy in Charleston. There’s not a lot of new news to report so far, the same people are doing the same things to each other. Shep Rose’s seemingly bitter ex-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green will be out and about in several ways.

Taylor is already asking the fans for “grace” and understanding as they watch her performance this season. That tells me her family should probably not view the show and Taylor should probably change her zip code. We already know she hooked up with Austen Kroll and now it’s been revealed she sent a nakey pic to Whitney Sudler-Smith. Oh dear. Entertainment Tonight has the scoop.

The freak flag is flying

There are several ways to try and incite jealousy and Taylor is utilizing most of them. Bless her heart, this woman is still hung up on Shep but I feel fairly confident in saying the feeling isn’t mutual.

That must be why Taylor acted out while Season 9 was filming. Canoodling with Austen didn’t get under Shep’s skin, maybe sending a nude pic to his other friend will work. “It was a very drunken night,” Taylor admitted when asked about the photo.

“I knew what Shep and Whitney had been up to the past few months. Gallivanting around Charleston, trying to pick up girls and so, I did that to get under Shep’s skin,” Taylor added. Also, honey, he’s single and allowed to do what he wants.

She knows sending Whitney a naked pic was stupid. Taylor said, “[it was] very childish of me,” and she’s trying to move on from it. So basically this is Taylor “owning it” and accepting responsibility. “I’m not proud, but it was definitely a jab.”

The rumor mill has been buzzing ever since Whitney’s mom, Patricia Altschul insinuated in the Season 9 trailer that Taylor was enjoying an active social life. She also directed, “Then there’s the nude photo she sent you,” to her son, but Whitney brushed it off.

Taylor’s diddling with Austen also messed up her relationships with some of her co-stars, so that will be interesting to watch as well.

Sounds like someone might want to get Tay a Magic 8 Ball because her decision-making skills could use some assistance.

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