The Below Deck Reunions Need a New Host, and Kate Chastain Is the Perfect Choice

Kate Chastain Below Deck
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After being deprived of yet another Below Deck reunion, perhaps it’s time for Kate Chastain to enter the chat. This witty ex Chief Stew knows everything about her former series. In contrast, Andy Cohen doesn’t seem to even care about this franchise at all. This isn’t great news, as Andy is the host for every reunion found on the Bravo network.

At best, Andy only seems to know a few key talking points for this series. He then focuses on these aspects whenever the yachties appear on his late night talk show, Watch What Happens Live. More often than not though, Andy just sticks to oversexualizing the cast members. In fact, he is often seen asking them personal, graphic questions instead of content that is related to their storylines.

For countless seasons, huge events have transpired, yet, reunions have failed to take place. Case in point, Below Deck Down Under Season 2 just wrapped. The sexual assault events, alongside the proper leadership showings that unfolded, were retold across national outlets. And yet, no reunion was seen.

Instead, fans were left empty-handed. All we got was Aesha Scott and Captain Jason Chambers on Watch What Happens Live, directly after the finale. That said, it is possible that the mental health of the cast members came into play, but just for this season alone can this excuse be given. If Bravo felt like in the rehashing of events, Margot Sisson could have been retraumatized, then we can forgive this reunion’s absence, whether we like it or not.

As for the other seasons across the franchise, well, we get it Andy, you’re just not that into it. But, we are! This is therefore why we’d love to see Kate now take over, hosting Below Deck’s many reunions moving forward.

Kate Knows Below Deck’s History

Kate Chastain/Instagram

Kate first joined the cast of Below Deck all the way back in Season 2. She stayed until Season 7, giving her six seasons total with this series. Therefore, Kate has a deep history of the events that have transpired. The simple mutterings of “beef cheeks,” “mermaid tales,” and even “toxic male crew members,” and Kate would be able to tell you exactly in which season these storylines occurred, and even who was involved.

In addition, Kate has been privy to multiple returning charter guests. Dean Slover immediately springs to our minds, as his sarcastic banter with Kate resulted in the now infamous dick blanket storyline. In a similar fashion, Kate’s longevity with this franchise also means that she is keenly aware of many of the series staple cast members. Should any of these former storylines, guests, and/or crew members need to be recalled, Kate is the one who could do so, which is why she’d make an excellent host for Below Deck’s reunions.

Kate Is Up To Date On Current Below Deck Storylines

Kate Chastain/Instagram

Kate still keeps up with her former series. Currently, she is even watching each episode that airs with a heightened, renewed focus. You see, Kate has a new series on Bravo called Couch Talk. On this series, she and another Below Deck alum, Captain Lee Rosbach, discuss Below Deck (and other series) in depth.

With current knowledge of every aspect, from the charter guests to the hookups onboard, Kate would be able to call out each season’s yachties at their respective reunions. Knowing Kate, she’d let nothing slide either. Her signature wit and quirky one-liners, combined with her current, up-to-date knowledge of this series, makes her hosting of the Below Deck reunions again just make sense.

Kate Still Keeps Up With Below Deck Crew and Alums

Kate Chastain/Instagram

We already know that Kate has a deep knowledge of Below Deck’s history, storylines, and guests. In addition, Kate also maintains a connection to some of the still-seen series regulars, like Captain Sandy Yawn, and long-standing alums, such as Chef Ben Robinson, Eddie Lucas, and Amy Johnson.

Current connections are important, as all Kate would have to do is pick up a phone to seek clarification from Captain Sandy prior to a Below Deck Mediterranean reunion, which would help to strengthen her questions asked, if needed.

As for Kate’s connections to the ghosts of Below Deck’s past, she can also call on these understanding crew members for support. As an even better twist, maybe, just maybe, these alums could even pop in, making guests appearances with supporting commentary on related storylines, as Kate hosts.

Hear us out Bravo, make this happen. We need closure and answers after each season ends. And most importantly, we need a host who cares. For all of these reasons and explainers, we hope that someone, anyone, considers bringing Kate onboard, hosting any and all of Below Deck reunions moving forward.