Erin Lichy
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

Erin Lichy Reveals Her Real Housewives of New York Regret

Erin Lichy arguably, had the worst time out of all the Real Housewives of New York during their cast trip to Anguilla. Her prank on Ubah Hassan didn’t achieve the desired results. This started a chain reaction of sorts among the RHONY group, who took the entire last day of the vacation to hash out each and every past grievance they had on Erin.

Except for Jenna Lyons. She and the perpetually underfed Sai De Silva seemed to be the only two not confronting Erin about something. So perhaps, with that in mind, it makes a lot of sense why Erin feels guilty about outing her plans to fly First Class a day early.

Erin admits she “should have given more support”

 “I think there was missing context,” Erin exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday September 18. “There was more conversation that was had at that time.”

Apparently, the cast already knew about Jenna’s plans, so her words were not that revolutionary to begin with. Perhaps it was just the intention behind them.

“I wasn’t delivering any new news, I was just saying it on TV because I knew it was going to be shown in our conversation with her and I wanted it to be clarified in front of the girls. That being said, I should have given her more support because she was in a vulnerable state,” Erin explained.

The real estate professional did not take into account the fact that Jenna wanted to cover up the effects of incontinentia pigmenti by working on a tan before the cameras arrived.

“I do think she wanted to be comfortable,” Erin admitted. “I’ve also learned a lot about her through her confessionals. I mean, she told me — I knew her teeth were falling out, but I didn’t realize the level of her skin condition.”

Erin’s not worried about Jenna’s reaction

The episode did not paint Erin in the best of lights. But apparently, the former creative director at J.Crew would not be upset with her friend.

“Jenna and I have a good enough relationship where we can be like, ‘Why’d you do that? Why’d you do that? Move on,’” Erin explained. “And she was just like, ‘You didn’t give them more backstory.’ And I was like, ‘Honestly, I didn’t know all of it then.’ And we had a great conversation. We moved on. That’s what true friends do, and I love her and I should have given her a little bit more grace with it.”

The reunion would have been the place to duke it out. But Jenna didn’t come with animosity. And Erin didn’t bring notes.

“I had no expectations because I had no idea and I didn’t prepare, which maybe I should have because I feel like people were prepared,” Erin said of the reunion. “I just walked in and said what I felt. I guess that’s just how I do things. But it was tough. It was really, really tough.”

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