Whitney Rose, Heather Gay
(Photo by: Brett Colvin/Bravo via Getty Images)

Whitney Rose Hints as to How Heather Gay Got Her Black Eye

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans are still wondering about Heather Gay’s shiner. During a girls’ trip to San Diego in Season 3, Heather woke up with a black eye. Jen Shah and Meredith Marks had been partying with Heather in her room.

Heather claimed that someone knew what happened. But at the reunion, Heather admitted that she fell down because she was so drunk. The rest of the world thought that Jen allegedly gave Heather her shiner. Even Andy Cohen believed that Jen was the culprit. After all, the trip was before Jen’s fraud trial. Now Heather claimed that Bravo must have footage of what transpired.

Whitney didn’t hit Heather

Heather’s “Bad Weather” cousin Whitney Rose shared her thoughts about Heather’s injury on the Scheanananigans with Scheana Shay podcast. “I did not hit her,” Whitney quipped before discussing the “gnarly” injury.

The RHOSLC star shared that Heather’s shiner was caused by “blunt force trauma.” She continued, “It was the whole thing – it was the eyeball … when she came into the room and took off her sunglasses I almost threw up looking at her. It hurt my stomach to look at her,” Whitney said.

While Whitney was initially “upset” by how Heather dealt with the incident, she now has a better understanding. According to Whitney, taking a “step back and talking to her a little more about it” gave her some clarity. “That’s a legal issue if, indeed, she was hit,” Whitney stated.

“It’s hard because when it came to the black eye and her not being willing to talk about for reasons I understand now – she kind of set herself up for speculation,” Whitney explained. “She wasn’t sharing any information.” Whitney added, “I think Heather was really hurt by the statements made.”

With the ever-shifting narrative, it was easy to blame Heather for withholding an explanation. “I see both sides of it. But I do see why Heather would be hurt by the speculations made, but also if you’re not honest about it, you’re leaving it up for everyone to decide,” the Wild Rose Beauty founder stated.

I’d love an explanation, but I don’t want another season discussing Heather’s painful-looking shiner. I still think that Heather was protecting Jen.

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