Love Is Blind Season 5 Recap, Episodes 5-7: Don’t Give Up on Me

Love Is Blind recap
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The first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 5 provided several exciting twists and turns that no one saw coming. The biggest plot twist of them all was finding out that Uche and Lydia had recently dated. And that Lydia wanted to get back together with Uche, while she told Aaliyah and Milton otherwise. The tea was piping hot!

After the drama in the pods, Nick and Vanessa Lachey jetted off to Mexico with the remaining couples. It was time to discover if their physical connection was just as strong as their emotional one. Vanessa pondered if their looks, race, lifestyle, or insecurity would tear them apart in the real world. Is love truly enough to conquer it all? Grab your popcorn and let’s find out which couples made it through Mexico together and back to Houston.

Uche & Aaliyah

Love Is Blind recap
Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

One of the first promising couples from the pods was Uche and Aaliyah. However, Uche gave Aaliyah the third degree when she admitted to cheating on her boyfriend in the past. Aaliyah didn’t appreciate being judged, and she sure didn’t appreciate finding out Uche had dated Lydia. After Uche’s betrayal and Lydia’s bombardment of information about their relationship, Aaliyah peaced out into the sunset without a goodbye. 

Ever the lawyer, Uche had to have the last word. He had producers reach out and Aaliyah took his call. Noooo! She told Uche she left because she had gotten into a fight with Lydia, and had felt smothered by her. Aaliyah wondered if Lydia applied to be on the show to get back together with him. Uche scoffed if she couldn’t handle conflict she sure couldn’t handle marriage. He was going to propose but now wanted nothing to do with her. Click! So classy.

However, Uche agreed to meet up with Aaliyah later in person. Aaliyah had backpedaled and wanted to make it work. Uche still didn’t understand why she had left. Aaliyah reiterated that Lydia had made unnecessary comments. Then he finally opened up on his backstory with Lydia. He had broken it off with her because she had invaded his privacy. Uche had given her another chance, but then found out she allegedly stalked his girl friends on Insta. He claimed Lydia had taken a picture of his driveway and texted to him, “I see you.” Suddenly we were in a Lifetime movie! 

Aaliyah told Uche she had heard from the other girls in the pods that Lydia thought she might run into someone from her past. She was also upset over Uche’s concern for Milton marrying Lydia. She wondered if there was still feelings between them. Aaliyah did not get the compassion she was looking for though and Uche shut it down. He again told her it was over between them. But the drama wasn’t over yet between Uche and Lydia.

JP & Taylor

Love Is Blind recap
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Jared “JP” and Taylor had a strong emotional connection in the pods. They bonded over conversations about their family and their favorite foods. But when the two met in person, Taylor could not get over the gap between JP’s teeth or the awkward silence between them. And it all went downhill from there. 

The tension started immediately once they arrived in the hotel room. The violinist didn’t have a clue and played on as Taylor kept hammering it into JP that their reveal was awkward. And Taylor kept the comments coming as she added she was uncomfortable around him and he had stinky breath. JP sat in silence most of the trip, which angered Taylor more. Taylor watched as Izzy and Stacy, and Lydia and Milton frolicked around on the beach. She wished that she and JP had that relationship, but we all know she just wasn’t into his looks from the start.

When JP finally did speak up he claimed his awkwardness was due to her wearing too much make-up at their reveal. Awkward! Funny enough this is when Taylor told him to stop talking. Guess she didn’t like what he had to say. She left the bedroom and spent the night elsewhere. JP couldn’t take a hint and remained hopeful the next morning. When he expressed he wanted to make things work, Taylor wasn’t even paying attention and asked, “Do what?” Taylor then dropped the ring on the table, and “Sugar” and “Sugar Butt” were no more.

Izzy & Stacy

Love Is Blind recap
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Izzy and Stacy were inseparable at the resort. And unlike JP and Taylor, they expressed how comfortable they were around each other. As they laid on a chais lounge, they promised to end every night together cuddling and recapping their day. But the magic started to fade a bit when Stacy voiced concerns to Taylor that people warned her he was a player. She also told Izzy she was surprised he did not come on stronger. Izzy told Stacy he was more shy because he really liked her. Respect! 

Back in Houston, they got to play House Hunters and Izzy got a tour of his soon to be home. Stacy was very particular and wouldn’t let Izzy do the trope of testing out the bath tub. She then had the “money” talk and wanted to confirm he could contribute to the bills. Izzy was all in to help pay, but was not all in to pay for every dinner. Stacy expected him to cover all her dinner bills and fly her first class. She also did not want to be served food on his paper plates. This was going to end well.

Izzy’s mother had reservations about Stacy. She wondered if Izzy was really ready. Stacy’s family wondered if Izzy was ready too. Stacy liked nice things and had expectations. Izzy said he had just made a career change and the sky was the limit for his new insurance career. Would Stacy be able to wait to reap the rewards though?

Milton & Lydia

Love Is Blind recap
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The big reveal for Milton and Lydia was how tall Milton was. Lydia couldn’t get over that Milton was six foot seven with the face of a 12 year old. But, she got that ring on her finger so she was going to make it work. At the resort the two had banter over their age difference. Lydia wanted Milton to wear matching swimsuits and put the cap back onto his toothpaste. Milton stood his ground but found her bossiness charming. 

When the two left Mexico to go back to Houston, Lydia wondered if Milton was scared to live with her. If he wasn’t, he sure should be. At Milton’s place, Lydia snooped through all of his things and found a stack of Playboy magazines. These were conveniently blamed on his roommate Josh. Josh wondered if she knew about Milton being banned on Pokemon showdown for talking smack. Lydia quickly pulled out the receipts with comments and time stamps. 

There was some tension between the two as Milton’s job would have him work nights several days a week. This would put him on opposite schedules of Lydia. Milton assured her he had plans to find another job with more work life balance. Thing did go well however when Milton met Lydia’s family. Lydia’s mom and brother were happy to see they were on the same page about children and the importance of them being fluent in Spanish and English. Lydia’s mom told Milton she was very passionate so he better be ready! And he was about to find out just how passionate she supposedly could be.

Everything else!

Love Is Blind recap
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It was party time for all the singles! All of the couples showed up, along with Johnie, Chris, and several others. Carter was hilarious and spot on with his commentary. He noted that Taylor was fed up with JP being quiet. But if he had a daughter he’d happily have her marry JP, he was Captain America after all. We also had an appearance from Miriam who no doubt confused more people with vague answers. 

Johnie and Chris informed the group they were an official couple. Chris saw Johnie at the airport, looked in her eyes, and all was forgiven. The two seemed to be a happy and healthy pair. Her mood was bright until Izzy came along. He pulled her aside and called her sketchy for giving him and Chris misinformation about her feelings. She admitted she handled things poorly, but that wasn’t enough and he kept putting her down. Izzy was happy he picked Stacy over Johnie. But did Izzy know the rumor that was going around the party that Stacy wanted to give Johnie cookies baked with poop as retaliation for talking badly about her? What is going on people!

Things got even crazier when Uche showed up. Lydia ran behind a potted plant and stood still hoping he wouldn’t see her. But it was too late and he pulled her aside for a chat. He accused her of all the things he told Aaliyah. She denied any Insta stalking, or texting him a creepy picture. Lydia accused Uche of cheating on her while they were together. If true, that makes more sense if she was allegedly sneaked through his stuff. Lydia had enough of Uche putting her on the stand and stormed out looking for Milton. But in that moment, Uche pulled Milton aside to no doubt fill him in on the drama. Will Milton believe Uche or stick with Lydia? The party was about to get wild.

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