Love Is Blind Season 5 Recap, Episodes 1-4: So, You’re a Recent Cheater?

Love Is Blind recap
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It’s time to saddle up for Season 5 of Love Is Blind, y’all! This time we’re in Houston, where singles take part in an experiment in order to find true love, sight unseen. Ready to bust out the golden goblets and watch the drama unfold? Let’s get started!

The season kicked off with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey who filled in the singles on the journey they were about to embark on. Fans may be disappointed they are back as hosts, but here we are. Vanessa told the group they would begin by falling in love with someone based solely for who they are on the inside. If they fall in love, they have the opportunity to get engaged and then meet face to face. Will they say I do, or walk away forever? 

JP & Taylor

Love Is Blind recap
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Firefighter Jared, aka “JP,” immediately connected with Taylor, a teacher. They hit it off with their love of food. Taylor couldn’t cook, but she loved a good grilled cheese and JP was happy to oblige. The connection grew deeper once the two shared their personal stories. Taylor had a lifelong struggle of learning to love herself. And JP told a heartbreaking tale of his mother taking her anger out on his sisters. Things were better with his mother now, and Taylor let it be known she would always be there for him.

There wasn’t anyone else for the duo. JP knew Taylor was his “Sugar,” and Taylor knew JP was her “Sugar Butt.” JP proposed to Taylor and she said yes. When the two saw each other in person, JP couldn’t get over how beautiful Taylor was. However, Taylor noticed a gap in JP’s teeth. She noted if she had met JP in the real world she wouldn’t have gone for him because of that. Ouch. The two then shared an awkward silence as they stared into each other’s eyes. These two are sweet together so I hope they can make it work.

Izzy & Stacy

Love Is Blind recap
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There always seems to be one man multiple women go for each season, and this time it was Izzy, a sales rep. Izzy had three ladies in tow: Stacy, Johnie, and Lydia. Izzy let down Lydia gently and said there wasn’t as strong of a connection, to which she had a near meltdown. Then it was between Johnie and Stacy. Johnie proved her love by cutting off her connection to Chris, while Stacy placed all her bets on Izzy.

Izzy connected with Johnie, a lawyer, as he had a fiancée in the past and she was married before. As a former Jehovah’s Witness, he was looking to join a family and celebrate their holiday traditions. And Johnie was more than happy to help him put up a Christmas tree. However, Johnie’s past love life was too much drama for Izzy. Johnie shared she was married to an addict who overdosed. She noted she wasn’t sure if she’d ever love someone the way she loved him. And that was what sealed the deal for Stacy.

Stacy, an Operations Manager, was the opposite of drama for Izzy. He appreciated their relationship was easy and fun, and he marveled at how well she knew him so quickly. The two bonded over playing games and joking around. When Izzy pushed Stacy to be more vulnerable, she admitted she had connected with him and that hadn’t happened in a long time. 

Izzy wanted to keep the good times going with his good time girl, so he proposed. Stacy thought fairy tales weren’t real, but this was one for her. She finally said YASSS! When the two met up in person, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. There was no awkward silence between these two as they were too busy making out.

Uche & Aaliyah

Love Is Blind
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We had another lawyer in the house with Uche. Uche had many a dates but couldn’t quit Aaliyah, a nurse. The two hit it off over their love of poetry, and dishonesty was their dealbreaker. So, it was with a heavy heart when Aaliyah admitted she had cheated in a past relationship. Uche immediately turned cold and grilled her like she was on trial. He turned into Judgy McJudgerson and said all he ever did was kiss someone else back in high school while Aailyah cheated two years ago. Should we award him a medal?

Aaliyah was heartbroken and turned to Lydia for comfort. Things got a weird when Lydia kept repeating Aaliyah was just like her. Afterwards, Aaliyah decided to forgive Uche but warned she did not want to be in a relationship where she would be judged. Uche wrote her a poem and promised she could trust him. And just when Aaliyah thought the worst was over, Uche let the bomb drop that he had dated Lydia in the past. Flashback to their shock discovery in the pods!

Once the cat was out of the bag, Lydia happily spilled all the tea on Uche. She told Aaliyah she knew what dog food his pup liked, Uche’s favorite color, and she had a special handshake with his friends. She promised Aaliyah she would never have to look over her shoulder. Sure, Jan. Oh, and they slept together three months ago. It was all too much for Aaliyah. Uche prepared to propose, but was told by producers Aaliyah had dropped out of the experiment. Aaliyah clearly saw the stalker movie trope warnings and said, not today!

Milton & Lydia

Love is Blind recap
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Milton, a 24-year-old engineer, thought he found his soulmate in 30-year-old Lydia, a geologist. The two bonded over their love of rocks, but the attraction was one-sided. Lydia was interested in anyone else but Milton. Namely, Izzy and Uche. But Milton remained blissfully unaware, and only assumed their age difference was the issue. 

That was until Lydia told Milton about her past with Uche. He rightly stated the situation seemed messy and he wasn’t sure he wanted any part of it. With Izzy and Uche out of the picture, Lydia seemed desperate to get a ring on her finger. Suddenly, she changed her tune, and Milton was the only man on her mind. She assured him she was done with Uche long ago, but conveniently left out that they had hooked up three months ago. 

Milton admitted he was a risk taker. And maybe he was overthinking things. Nope! He asked Lydia what she wanted and she said to be his wife. Against his better judgement, Milton went for it and proposed to Lydia. She accepted and was happy to leave with a ring on her finger. It will be interesting to see the chemistry these two have when they meet face to face. Will Lydia be interested in Milton?

Everything else!

Some notable moments also included Ernesto burping during his date with Stacy, classy! Also, Uche’s date with scientist, Miriam. That was one nut he couldn’t crack with his lawyering. Miriam gave him one vague answer after the other and it was hilarious. 

We also had a series of dates between Johnie and project manager, Chris. Chris was head over heels for Johnie and immediately pictured their life together. When he shared those thoughts with Johnie she said they were “sweet.” Red flag number one. He also shared a dramatic story of being assaulted by a woman, which was how he lost his virginity. It was very brave of him to put that out there, and Johnie did a great job supporting him during that story. However, Johnie cut things off to show her loyalty to Izzy.

Once Johnie was dumped by Izzy, she wanted to get back together with Chris. That didn’t go so well because Izzy and Chris compared notes. Johnie each told them the other was the safe choice. Armed with that knowledge, and already being dumped, Chris let her know that he was going to choose himself. He deserved someone who only wanted to be with him. And with that, we will soon find out what happens when the couples are out of the pods and meet up in the real world!

Love Is Blind Season 5 continues Fridays on Netflix.