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Lala Kent Wants to ‘Create a Family Without a Man Involved’

Lala Kent is a star of Vanderpump Rules and an independent woman. It’s her way or the highway and at the end of her day, it’s the only way. And you know what, that’s totally cool. Lala has pretty much stood on her own and she was doing okay until Randall Emmett came along.

Lala and her man were together for a couple of years. They were engaged and had a sweet little nugget called Ocean. But Rand and Lala’s relationship had a BAC of 1.57 and Lala decided it was time to sober up. The shine dimmed on their relationship once someone was thinking with a clear head and ultimately Lala and Rand parted ways. She didn’t get much from her time with that fool, but she did become a Mom and now she wants more. The Messenger has the details.

More peas in her pod

Lala wants another kid but she doesn’t want a man to go with it. During the course of raising Ocean as a single mom, Lala often considers having a second child. One might think a male partner is needed, but Lala is thinking outside of the proverbial box.

“There is no place for a man. I would like to expand my family and I would like to not have a man be part of that. I know that sounds very strange but I would like to build an empire and create a family without a man involved,” Lala began.

Sounds great if she’s up for the challenge. Many women raise their spawn without a male figure involved and do quite well. So now she’s looking at options. Co-stars Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix have both frozen their eggs, so Lala could always go that route.

Currently, Lala is “trying to decide what my family structure will look like. Once I have nailed that down, then I’ll just follow the yellow brick road whatever it leads me to,” she explained. “There are so many different ways that you can expand your family. You choose the avenue to do so. Then hopefully we’ll have a new little baby in the mix.”

The clock is ticking

It can be done with a good support system and having your ducks in a row. Being sober for over five years is an awfully nice stepping stone. Despite Lala’s tendency to show her crankier side on television, she’s come quite far personally.

She continued, “The biggest difference is me knowing what I want. I know how to get there, I have tools that I didn’t have when I was drinking or when I was younger.” She added, “I don’t have time.”

“I look at my time as a luxury where I didn’t look at it that way before, I don’t care who you are or what you do or what you have. If you do not add to my world, you can kick rocks because I got places to go,” Lala shared.