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Brandi Glanville ‘Ready to Clear Things Up’ After ‘Unfair’ Caroline Manzo Narrative

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville has always felt kind of … disposable to Bravo. Sometimes the big guys bring her in to cause drama, which she does, but that’s kind of where it ends.

Brandi was tapped to join Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’ Trip: Ex-Wives Club when the cast went to Morocco. She was joined by Caroline Manzo, who was coming back after a long hiatus from the network. There was a bad situation, and something definitely happened. Brandi was sent home and Caroline left in a tizzy. We know there was an internal investigation, but it was silently closed.

Now Brandi wants to share her side and Page Six has the details.

Not a great start to 2023

January came in hot for Brandi when Real Housewives of New Jersey alum Caroline alleged something unsavory happened in Morocco. According to Caroline, Brandi basically sexually assaulted her in a bathroom while filming was in progress. It was implied Brandi touched Caroline inappropriately and kissed her without consent.

This was a big deal at the time; all eyes were on Brandi. She was sent home and Caroline also left of her own accord. “It was a really tough beginning of a year,” Brandi began.

“I feel like the narrative that’s out there is very unfair,” Brandi said. She’s also aggressively denied any wrongdoing and only hinted about the scandal without addressing it in detail. “I’m ready to clear things up,” she admitted.

Obviously, mics were on because the party was being filmed. That said, audio of the exchange between Brandi and Caroline exists and there were witnesses in the bathroom with the women.

Brandi’s lawyers requested Shed Media release the recordings to clear Brandi’s name against what Caroline was saying went down. Because let’s be clear, what Caroline was implying was incredibly dangerous and damning.

Unfortunately, the audio was never issued out and Shed Media made a statement and carried out their own investigation. Absolutely nothing came of it to support either side and Shed wrapped it up without declaring a resolution.

Release the audio!

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“If anything like that actually transpired. I would’ve thought that production would’ve stepped in,” Brandi said. And here, she’s right. If the filming crew heard anything bad going down in the bathroom, they should have stopped it immediately. But see we don’t know because they are holding onto the audio.

Here’s the other interesting tidbit. RHUGT Morocco was to debut in December 2023. Due to the debacle between Caroline and Brandi, it was pushed to 2024 – and I’ll be surprised if it airs at all.

“The longer they push [my season] back, the more speculation there is. I just want it to air and be done, so everyone can have their takeaways,” Brandi shared. And here’s what, it’s fair she wants that. It was big news when Brandi was allegedly sexually inappropriate with Caroline, but if nothing came of it, why is Bravo allowing Brandi to take the fall?

Anyone familiar with Brandi’s history on Bravo knows her method of operation. Accordingly, when Brandi is hired, production already knows what they’re getting into. But she thinks the rules are changing in reality television.

The “old days” of reality television are over

“Honestly, the old days of reality TV will never be again because we are such a sensitive society now,” Brandi said. I don’t know if society is “sensitive” or if people are just receiving consequences for acting stupid.

“If they’re going to have rules for us, we can’t be shooting 15 hours a day, drinking all day long, and [producers] telling us to ‘bring the party [because] we don’t have a show,’” Brandi explained. Okay but aren’t we also allowed to drink and have a good time without worrying about someone getting too frisky?

An insider said Brandi was “never forced to drink and, like all cast members, was only encouraged to be her authentic self” when cameras were up. A source in production added, “The show does not require any cast member to consume alcohol. In fact, the show works very closely with all cast members to make sure boundaries are respected with respect to alcohol.” Are those boundaries in the room with us right now? Naked wasted has entered the chat.

What are boundaries?

In Season 1 of RHUGT: Ex-Wives Club, Brandi explained, “We got drunk and high and I made out with Taylor [Armstrong] and gave people lap dances.” Basically, she believed she was to do more of the same in Morocco.

And the strange thing is, Brandi has been punished for her actions – when we still don’t even know what happened. She wasn’t allowed to attend The Traitors reunion. Brandi also thought Caroline was down with OPP because of how she was acting. Allegedly. “She was fun! She was definitely engaging in talking about threesomes and telling us to feel her boobs because they were … perfect. And the girls were touching her boobs,” she continued.

“We kind of thought she was going to be uptight. And she was honestly cool — until you crossed her.”

Apparently, Andy Cohen has also been supportive. “Andy and I have had a ton of conversations because this is the first time I’ve ever dealt with anything like this. This is new for me and this is scary for me. He’s been very helpful, honestly.

“He’s like, ‘It’s going to be what it’s going to be. Some people are going to probably see it and just say, ‘That’s Brandi being Brandi’,” she said.