How Southern Charm’s Taylor So Obviously Broke Girl Code

Taylor Ann Green, Leva Bonaparte Southern Charm
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Last week’s episode of Southern Charm showed Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers at an impasse in their friendship. Both have supported one another through their mutual breakups with Shep Rose and Austen Kroll. However, it is starting to look like the hard spritzer rep may have crossed a line that will forever hurt Olivia.

I think it is safe to say we all have had that one friend who actually is more like a frienemy, yet you never knew it. If this one friend never lets you forget that she was better than you, prettier, more prosperous, and well-rounded, and you went along with it because this is what you thought a bestie was, you will relate to this article. There were often good times, but if you really look back, you will recall all the times your feelings were sacrificed and ignored.

Why Taylor Is Wrong for Staying Friends With Austen

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Let’s make one thing clear—if you make your best friend cry in her car, you messed up. Fans watched as Olivia confronted Taylor about her impromptu sleepover with the Trop Hop beer connoisseur. Taylor didn’t convince anyone that the stay was innocent, even though she swore on a bible (who even does that anymore?). Fans learned that Taylor made her way to Austen’s apartment while intoxicated and supposedly slept over without him knowing. Believe me, Austen knew. As Shep noted, the whole situation is “slimy.”

No amount of scrubbing in the shower has gotten the icky feeling off regarding watching Taylor lie right to Olivia’s face. Taylor is one hundred percent at fault here and should have recalled the rules of friendship. Girl Code is an unwritten set of rules that has existed between a girl and her best friend practically since the beginning of time. I bet the first cavewoman knocked the second cavewoman on the head, telling her, “Ooo ah, this my man.”  

There is no way any girl in the world has grown up not knowing about this particular rule. The commandments are outlined perfectly and speak of the dos and don’ts of a good friendship. If you break any of the rules, you risk being ostracized from the group. Taylor has played the damsel in distress card, pretending not to notice how Austen feels about her, and it isn’t playing right to fans. You can see Olivia trying to brush off the comments, but she was clearly hurting. 

We Know Taylor Hooked Up With Austen

Austen Kroll
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Charleston and Southern Charm fans learned a few months back that Austen and Taylor hooked up between Season 8 and Season 9. What really stings is that the smooch fest happened shortly after Olivia called it off with Austen. Olivia has shared that she felt betrayed by her so-called best friend.

While speaking with ET, Olivia shared, “It was a roller coaster. It was a lot of me just trying to—my No. 1 priority this season was she and I’s friendship, so a lot of it was me trying to navigate how to best work through things, that she and I work out OK at the end of this, but in this town, everyone’s got an opinion, so I have to balance out what I’m being told from other people, so… I don’t know. It’s tricky.”

According to Olivia, their friendship is “Surface level,” a drastic shift from once calling each other sisters. Olivia won’t even call Taylor a friend at this point. Ouch! Why Taylor chose to have a go with Austen is beyond me, as she should have seen how terribly her former best friend was treated by him and picked up on the red flags. My heart breaks for Olivia, since best friends should never do that to one another. My advice—if the bad times outweigh the good, it is time to move on from the relationship.

What To Expect In Southern Charm Season 9

Taylor Ann Green
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Season 9 of Southern Charm will highlight how badly Taylor betrayed Oliva’s trust. Seeing how she tried to hide the dalliance will be uncomfortable and painful. But the fact that even Shep became uncomfortable with the friends screams volumes. Austen has always had a habit of stealing the women Shep has been with, but you would have thought he had some scruples when it came to blasting a close friendship to hell.