Everything We Hope Gets Addressed At the RHONY Season 14 Reunion

Real Housewives of New York RHONY Season 14 reunion

Season 14 of Real Housewives of New York came to a close with an explosive final episode on Sunday, October 15. Now that the season has ended, RHONY fans are waiting with bated breath for the reunion, which will kick off on October 22. While we wait, let’s fantasize about what we would like to see happen during the three-part saga. Here is everything we hope gets addressed at the RHONY Season 14 reunion.

More About Jenna Lyons’ Love Life

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Jenna Lyons kept her cards close to her chest this season, especially when it came to her love life. At the beginning of the season, the fashion maven’s romantic life seemed completely off-limits. But as the show progressed, Jenna started to open up a bit more. We saw her briefly talk about her breakup, although she didn’t go into much detail, and we got to see her hit on a girl at a gay bar.

While watching a single Jenna out on the town was fun, those days are over. In September, Jenna revealed she was in a relationship with Cass Bird, a New York-based artist and photographer.

“I’ll take the French fries and steak au poivre. Paris,” the Bravo star wrote alongside a photo of her and Cass on Instagram.

We are hoping Jenna shares a bit more about her relationship with Cass at the RHONY Season 14 reunion. We know she is private about her love life, but since she shared the news with fans on Instagram, we’re hoping she gives Bravo viewers all the tea about the new love in her life at the upcoming reunion.

More About the Vow Renewal

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In Season 14, Erin Lichy threw a vow renewal party and invited her castmates. The party started off great, but as the night dragged on, the women started causing drama. Brynn Whitfield talked during the speeches, and Sai De Silva dropped out early to grab food. Not cool. Overall, the ladies weren’t super supportive of Erin’s big moment with her husband, Abe.

Erin learned about her friends’ behavior after the party and she was not having it. While the hostess was certainly upset about the talking and Sai’s abrupt exit, she was most upset at Brynn for “flirting” with her husband Abe at the event. She confronted Brynn about the situation, which didn’t go over well. Brynn defended herself, telling Erin she was just being playful and had no intention of going after her man. Sai and Jessel Taank also sided with Brynn, stating that the behavior was light-hearted and in no way malicious.

At the time, Erin’s only source of information was Abe since she was not present for the alleged “flirting.” Now that Erin has watched the scene, we wonder if she still shares the same sentiment. We would love to hear her thoughts on the episode at the RHONY Season 14 reunion. Maybe she’ll apologize to Brynn?

What the Women Think About Jessel Becoming a Fan Favorite

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Jessel did a total 180 this season. She started as the show’s villain, but by the season finale, she was the people’s princess. It’s no secret that the publicist rubs some of her castmates the wrong way, so we are dying to know their thoughts on her becoming a fan favorite.

Brynn and Sai may find Jessel easy to overlook but Bravo fans can’t stop talking about her. We can’t wait to watch Jessel talk about her redemption arc at the reunion.

More About Ubah’s New Man

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In the Season 14 finale, Ubah Hassan dropped a bomb when she revealed she is dating someone. The model-turned-businesswoman has been open about wanting to find love this season, so why all the secrets about his identity?

We are dying to know more about the guy that stole Ubah’s heart. While we of course respect Ubah’s privacy, we have to wonder why the new RHONY cast is so hesitant to share details about their dating lives. YOU’RE ON A REALITY SHOW! Anyway, here’s hoping we will learn more about the mystery man at the RHONY Season 14 reunion.