Below Deck Seasons With High Crew Member Turnover

Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Onboard Below Deck‘s yachts, internal sh*t often goes down. Therefore, multiple crew members have walked the dock, leaving the show well before their season’s official end. Sometimes, these yachties are fired. Other times, they decide to leave filming on their own.

Typically, one or two yachties will exit each season early. However, there are a few seasons in which multiple personalities have left. In fact, currently airing is Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8, where rumors over a record-breaking number of early departures are swirling. This actually surprises us zero, as this cast is already at odds just a few episodes in.

Most of the time, early cast departures are justified. That said, a small handful of firings were maddening, aka #justiceforKiko. To best recap, these are the Below Deck seasons that have seen the highest amount of turnover within their crews.

Below Deck Down Under Season 2

Aesha Scott/Instagram

Below Deck Down Under Season 2 was messy. Here, three firings occurred. Taking place during back-to-back episodes, Luke Jones and Laura Bileskalne were let go by Captain Jason Chambers. Both of these crew members failed to respect their coworkers’ boundaries.

Without the amazing leadership of Captain Jason and Aesha Scott, alongside various members of production who broke the fourth wall to help, Luke and Laura’s sexual assault attempts might have had very different outcomes. These two firings were more than justified. However, another firing also took place. and this one divided the viewers. The cause was over a greener deckhand, whose mistakes could have cost the boat…a lot.

When Adam Kodra was let go, he took it well. He understand that his lack of knowledge was a detriment to his Bosun João Franco and the other 2 deckhands, Culver Bradbury and Luka Brunton. However, Adam was well-liked and willing to learn, so his firing was sad. Perhaps in time, we will see a more experienced Adam making a return on deck.

Even though Adam understood the gravity of his lack of skills, secretly, I think that everyone at home hoped to see Culver fired instead. Nevertheless, these season still ranks up there, as three different crew members saw an early exit.

Below Deck Season 3

Below Deck Sailing/Instagram

Below Deck Season 3 also saw three crew members leaving early. One of these personalities actually quit, while the other two were canned. As for those fired, Chef Leon Walker was cut due to his poor attitude and his lack of cleanliness, which aided in a galley fire that he completely slept through. Naturally, Leon took his firing like the buttmunch that he was, leaving just after he poured honey all over Kate Chastain‘s bunk.

In a similar showing of people who sucked, let’s talk about the short-lived deckhand named Dane Jackson. Dane loved liquor, and his drunken antics quickly saw his coworkers concerned. After stealing a bottle of liquor from a bar, attempting to fight his Bosun Eddie Lucas, and waking up Captain Lee Rosbach multiple times in one night while drunk and yelling onboard, Dane definitely deserved his firing.

Also not besties with Eddie was Don Abenante. Don wanted to assist more on the engineering side, as he held a double role in being the yacht’s second engineer/deckhand, which fell under Eddie’s jurisdiction as the Bosun. However, after taking an unauthorized dip in the ocean with Stewardess Rocky Dakota, Don found himself in trouble with Captain Lee. At this point, Don made the decision to exit, which earns Below Deck Season 3 a spot on this list, with three total crew members departing the series early.

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5

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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 was a roller coaster of emotions. Here, four crew members departed Captain Sandy Yawn‘s yacht early. Of these, three were fired, and one chose “her own happiness” by quitting.

To start, deckhand Peter Hunziker lasted the entire season. However, once the season wrapped, racist content was found on his social media account(s). Therefore, Bravo fired Peter post-filming by editing out the majority of his scenes from the broadcasted showings.

Equally ugh was Lara Flumiani, who fought often with Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. Hannah actually went to Captain Sandy for help, but Lara failed to “reset.” Following a crew night out, Lara vanished from the yacht, but the next day, she radioed for Captain Sandy to meet her on the dock. When the confused Captain walked outside, Lara quit, choosing her own version of joy, which excited the viewers, as Lara sucked.

Now for the sad.

Chef Hindrigo Lorran (KiKo) was a kind soul. He was also easy-going. Sadly, Captain Sandy did not like the quality of food that he put out, so following a Las Vegas-themed night that fell flat, she let the Chef go. Even still, Kiko stayed onboard to finish out the current charter guests’ trip, earning himself a spot in everyone’s hearts all the more.

Shortly after Kiko’s firing, Captain Sandy fired Hannah. We all know this series changing narrative, where Maliatime Maritime Law was quoted. With four cast members exiting early, Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 was one for the books, with the highest turnover seen yet.