Heather Dubrow and Sarah Winchester on Real Housewives of Orange County
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Heather Dubrow Reveals How Her Last Interaction With Sarah Winchester Went

Heather Dubrow is no stranger to conflict, and RHOC fans remember her iconic arguing with Sarah Winchester. There has definitely been no shortage of drama since Heather’s return to The Real Housewives of Orange County for Season 16. But, it’s all par for the course for this housewife. She’s experienced it all during her tenure on the show — the good, the bad, and the ridiculous.

One of the ridiculous was her historic fight with Sarah about the latter eating the bow off Heather’s cake in Season 7. 

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2022, everyone was reminded of this dramatic moment. Andy even mentioned that Heather and Sarah’s fight was a “good one” and one for the books.

The bow battle

Heather Dubrow and Sarah Winchester argued over a cake bow in RHOC Season 7
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Looking back, it does seem ludicrous. In Season 7 of RHOC, Heather got into a huge disagreement with Sarah, a friend of Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino. It was at a party Heather held when she legally changed her name to Dubrow.

Heather confronted Sarah for eating the bow off of a cake before the cake was served at the party. Sarah was unbothered and unapologetic about snacking on the sweets. This caused tons of conflict among the group and even among the ladies’ significant others.

While it was a big deal at the time, Heather can look back on the incident and laugh. 

“It was the dumbest fight ever,” she recalled before playfully quoting herself, “You broke the bow off my cake and ate it!”

She even asked Sarah to leave the party in light of the bow incident, but she shared that she doesn’t harbor any ill will. In fact, she mentioned seeing her recently and thinking she looked good.

Heather Dubrow and Sarah Winchester today

Heather Dubrow gave an update on her relationship with Sarah Winchester
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She shared more in an interview with Bustle. Heather was asked to name her most iconic moment on the show and chose the cake bow quote. 

When asked if she’s seen Sarah since, she shared, “I saw her at a restaurant maybe two years ago and said ‘hi.'”

Heather added that she didn’t harbor any bad feelings towards Sarah. “Unless someone hurts my kids, I really am fine with everyone,” she explained.